Film Commission Norway

Published: 14/06/2012 | Edited: 15/05/2014

The Film Commissions are based on trade grounds, and offer facilitation for foreign productions coming to their region.

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There are five regional film commissions in Norway that offer facilitation for foreign productions carried out in their region.

The Film Commissions collaborate with the Norwegian Film Institute, where Film Commission Norway is an integral part of the Department of Promotion and International Relations. Film Commission Norway aims to encourage and aid international film productions in Norway, and acts as a link between the national and the international film and television industry. For more information, please contact Truls Kontny, Head of Film Commission Norway.

Regional Film Commissions

Western Norwegian Film Commission is based in Bergen

Filmkraft Rogaland is based in Stavanger

Mid Nordic Film is based in Trondheim

Contact NFI

  • Truls Kontny
  • Head of Film Commission Norway
  • Phone: +47 22 47 46 07
  • Cell phone: +47 908 87 385
  • Email: