The International Sámi Film Centre

The International Sámi Film Centre (ISF) is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language.

Co-Producing with Norway

Funding is available for foreign productions destined for theatrical releases*, in which a Norwegian producer participates as a minority co-producer. It is also possible to obtain funding for documentary productions not produced for theatrical release with a Norwegian minority co-producer.

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Regional Film Funds and Film Centres

All districts in Norway are covered by regional, public resource centres for film, except for Oslo, the capital. These are film centres and film funds.

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The Incentive Scheme

The incentive scheme was introduced on January 1st 2016 and will be administered by The Norwegian Film Institute. The proposed budget for the scheme in 2016 was NOK 45 million.

Next application deadline is January 26th 2017.

Film Commission Norway

The Film Commissions are based on trade grounds, and offer facilitation for foreign productions coming to their region.

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The Norwegian South Film Fund and South Fund +

Grants from Sørfond contribute to film productions whose main producer is based in countries on the current OECD Dac list.

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