Englandsfarere, 1946, Regi: Toralf Sandø
We Leave for England, 1956, Dir: Toralf Sandø

We Leave for England (Englandsfarere)

During the German occupation of Norway, 18 people gather. They are all hunted by the Gestapo, seventeen men and one young woman. Their smack cannot find the vessel which is supposed to bring them across The North Sea to England, and is forced to return to Ålesund. Petter is sent ashore to investigate. The Gestapo is at their heels, and they are all arrested. The men are sent to Oslo and executed.

The young engineering worker Harald Silju is on the run from the Gestapo, and has gone underground. He is joined by Arild Jørn, who was caught unawares while working with a transmitter. He shot two Gestapo men ? the third was alive and grabbed for him as he fled. The two men intend to cross the border to Sweden. However, when told that they may be more useful in England, they decide to find a ship leaving from Ålesund town. In Ålesund more people gather, and finally seventeen men and one woman board a smack bringing them out to the skerries. But the smack is unable to find the vessel supposed to bring the refugees across The North Sea. It has to return to shore, where Petter is sent into town to check out the circumstances. He returns with the information that the Germans have occupied the house of their collaborators, the Vollen family. Soon after, the group is arrested by the Gestapo. They are sent to the death row on Grini in Oslo. But they keep their hopes up, until ordered to pack their private belongings and label them ?The Red Cross.? While singing, the 16 men are executed.

Production and distribution

Production Year
Country of origin
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Production Company
Snorre Film A/S


Toralf Sandø
Victor Borg
Toralf Sandø
Based on
'Sigurd Evensmo's novel ''Englandsfarere''' by
Per G. Jonson
Gunnar Sønstevold
Production Designer
Kaare Hegle

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Toralf Sandø

Toralf Sandø (b. 1899 - d. 1970) was an actor, director and writer, working in both theater and film. He was educated in various performing techniques, both in acting and singing, and gained  extensive experience acting, writing and directing in both mediums over the course of his career. He made his debut in film playing Per Degn in Jeppe på Bjerget in 1933, already an experienced theater actor and -director. He directed his first film, Bør Børson, Jr. (a.k.a. Boer Boerson Jr.) in 1938, and went on to numerous other feature films, documentaries and television films and programs over the next decades. His most successful films were the classic comedy The Sausage-Maker Who Disappeared (1941) and the war-drama Englandsfarere (1946).


Ikke oppgitt
Knut Wigert
Ikke oppgitt
Jørn Ording
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Lauritz Falk
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Ola Isene
Ikke oppgitt
Sigurd Magnussøn
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Johannes Eckhoff
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Per Christensen
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Clause Wiese
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Bjarne Larsen
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Gudmund Vold
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Pål Skjønberg
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Gunnar Jacobsen

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