Fuck Up (Fuck Up)

Jack is pleased with himself for the first time in years. He has decided to stop fucking anything with a pulse and also to cut back on his eager and enthusiastic drug use. Then his best friend crashes into a moose in the middle of the night on the Swedish border. He is found with a hoof buried in his forehead and 2.5 kilos of cocaine in the trunk. Over the next 24 hours, Jack loses his house, his girlfriend leaves him and takes their daughter with her. And as he is about to find out: when you think you have hit rock bottom, it can always get worse.

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Viafilm AS
Illusion Film AB
Anders Tangen
Hillevi Råberg
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NFI Features
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AB Svensk Filmindustri


Øystein Karlsen
Øystein Karlsen

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Dark Comedy
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Øystein Karlsen

Øystein Karlsen

Øystein Karlsen is the writer/director behind the Norwegian hit series DAG. Season 1, 2 and 3 has all been an instant hit with the tv-audiences and received rave reviews from an eclectic critics choir who was fascinated by Karlsens dark written, warm, absurd comedy and the innovative style of the filmmaker. Karlsen started his career as a carpenter, lied his way into becoming a radio host at the age of 21, moved on to head the marketing department at NRK (Norway`s public broadcaster), quit his day job because he could´t stand long meetings, and started writing scripts and direct commercials instead. DAG has so far received 16 Norwegian Emmy nominations, has been sold to eleven countries, and 20thCentury Fox Tv-departement bought the re-make rights for North America, making DAG the first Norwegian TV-series ever to be sold to the US market. Karlsen feature film debut " Fuck Up" premiered in February 5th 2012 to great reviews. The low budget movie immediately was tipped as ”pick of the year” by two leading Norwegian Newspapers. After US festival screenings, the American film magazine Twitch films picked the movie to head it´s top ten list for 2012 and voted Karlsen among the top five new directors to look out for in 2013. 


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