Norsk filminstitutt

Europeiske filminstitutter og organisasjoner forener krefter i kampen mot strukturell rasisme i filmbransjen. 



Med en bred og interseksjonell tilnærming ønsker ARTEF å arbeide mot alle former for rasisme i den europeiske filmbransjen. Ambisjonen er å være en instans for endring. 

In the Summer of 2020, a group of European film industry professionals gathered to form ARTEF, the Anti-Racism Taskforce for European Film. Engaging over thirty organisations, our first step was an awareness training programme lead by Dr Emilia Roig, trainer, author, and founder of the Centre
for Intersectional Justice in Berlin. The workshop encounters lasted between November 2020 and May 2021 online with an average of forty participants from all over Europe in each session. 

With a broad and intersectional approach ARTEF!s main aim is to dismantle racist structures and combat all forms of racism in the European film industry. Our goal is to become a task force for change: by raising awareness, by offering education and insights, by suggesting revisions to regulations
and practices, as well as to weather opposition from the industry — especially from those who habitually benefit from institutionalised racism.

After its initial year, ARTEF will continue organising training programmes for European film professionals who are keen on tackling institutionalised racism and willing to do the personal work needed to help dismantling existing structures, and help building new, inclusive ones in the decades to come. Anyone who has been or is affected by racism in the European film industry is invited to come forward and engage with ARTEF to help us build a meaningful task force together. Thus far, we have been laying the ground for future actions and we will be reaching out to all European film institutions, including film festivals, film commissioning, organisations and filmmaking collectives,
asking them to join ARTEF, and commit to training, ring fencing of resources, and to turn their awareness into actions.

We invite filmmakers in every European country to write to their institutions, collectives, unions, and organisations to request they join and support ARTEF!s work, and to engage with us with ideas, suggestions and/or requests.
We are opening a line of communication via

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