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Cecilia (12) is spending the summer at the idyllic holiday paradise Skutebukta, working at Perlen Guest House with her father. Cecilia is still grieving her mother, who was found drowned a year ago. When urban kid Leo (13) comes to stay at the guest house with his mother, Cecilia and her best friend Une (12) are initially skeptical. The trio discovers the body of a dead man on the beach by the guest house. As it turns out, he is on the run after robbing a jeweller. The take, including the irreplaceable Maltese clock, is still missing. 

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Maipo Film AS
Cornelia Boysen
Pias Semb


  • Thale Persen

    Thale Persen is a graduate from Volda University College, the documentary film production course, and television studies. She has been employed by public broadcaster NR, Children and Youth Department/Super since 1998, directing series for children and youth. In 2012, she directed the Christmas calendar series The King of Christmas. The present film is a sequel to this series.

    Thale Persen


Julia Mælumshagen Nymoen
Kenza Olympia Iteka
Felix Sollie
Kyrre Haugen Sydness
Andreas Cappelen
Bjørn Floberg
Marte Magnusdotter Solem
Lisa Loven Kongsli
Marlon Valdés Langeland
Henrik Mestad
Anne Krigsvoll
Kyrre Hellum
Line Verndal
Gine Cornelia Pedersen


Thale Persen
Aleksander Kirkwood Brown

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