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A film about four young women who all survived the terrorist attack on Utøya in 2011, and who in their own way have chosen to stand up and fight on for the values they believe in. They were either mortally wounded, or they saw their boyfriends and friends being executed by the terrorist. Many of them struggle with post-traumatic stress and anxiety today, but they have chosen to confront the fear and face the hatred with a strong commitment to politics and volunteer work.  

Production and distribution

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Production company:
Fenris Film AS
Co production company:
Motlys A/S
Financing company:
Norwegian Film Institute
Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Fritt Ord Foundation
Fond for lyd og bilde
Tore Buvarp
Co producer:
Sigve Endresen
Sales agent:
Java Films


  • Aslaug Holm

     Aslaug Holm (b. 1965), director and cinematographer recognized for her distinctive, personal style. 

    Cinematographer and editor of one of the most successful and acclaimed documentaries ever to be theatrically released in Norway, Cool & Crazy (2001). 

    She also directed The Rich Country (2006), following Jens Stoltenberg in the time leading up to him being elected Prime Minister in September of 2005. The film was awarded the FIPRESCI-award at the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF), where it also had its premiere. 

    Her most notable film is Brothers (2015). The film premiered at CPH:DOX, and received the Best International Feature Documentary Award at Hot Docs in 2016. The same year she also received the National Film Award Amanda for Best Director.  

    Aslaug Holm
  • Sigve Endresen

    Sigve Endresen (b. 1953) has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a screenwriter, director and producer of both documentary and fiction feature films. He made his directorial debut with the short film Kølabu in 1978, and directed several others before what was arguably his big breakthrough as a director; the feature length documentary For your Life in 1989. The film was a success both critically and commercially, and received the Norwegian National Film Award Amanda in three categories: Best Picture, Best Documentary and the professionals award for Best Editing. For your Life, together with the films Big Boys Don’t Cry (1995) and Living Amongst Lions (1998) - also award-winning films - marked Endresen as one of Norway's leading and most respected documentarists during the nineties.

    Endresen has, however, also made his mark in fiction film. In 1983 he co-founded the production company Motlys with partners Hallgrim Ødegård and Aage Aaberge, and produced and directed several short (and medium length) fiction films, in addition to the company's documentary output. Endresen made his first full length feature, The Changelings, in 1991, and since the late nineties feature films has been a central part of Motlys' production. This has also led to Endresen serving as producer on such award-winning feature films as Dragonflies (2001), Comrade Pedersen (2006), North (2009), Turn me on, Goddammit! (2011) and Oslo, August 31st (2011).

    In 1998 Sigve Endresen also received the highest accolade Norway can bestow on a filmmaker; the Aamot statuette.

    Sigve Endresen


Human International Documentary Film Festival
Human Award for Best Norwegian Documentary
Nominated for the National Film Award Amanda for Best Film
Nominated for the National Film Award Amanda for Best Documentary
National Film Award Amanda - The Peoples Choice Amanda


Human International Documentary Film Festival
Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival
Kristiansand International Children and Youth Film Festival
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
Krakow Film Festival
Biografilm Festival


Aslaug Holm
Sigve Endresen
Aslaug Holm
Sigve Endresen
Aslaug Holm
Lisa Ekberg
Aslaug Holm
Ola Fløttum
Other Music:
Therese Aune
Renate Tårnes
Sound Design:
Bård Farbu
VFX artist:
Dylan Hopkin

Technical information

DCP 4k
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