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What happens when you go   so far beyond another person’s boundary that there is no way back?  

Every year, hundreds of Norwegian men are reported for party-related sexual assault, often by someone they know. The documentary Not That Kind of Guy follows three young men convicted of party-related rape as they grapple with allegations, trial, sentencing, imprisonment and finally - release. In conversations with the director, who herself has reported an assault, stories of identity crisis, denial and responsibility emerge. The frank exchanges are challenging, but also liberating. In this way, the film sheds light not only on the perpetrators, but also on how to engage in difficult conversations.           

In the documentary "Not That Kind of Guy" (40 min), director Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid tries to nuance the picture of who is capable of committing sexual assault by telling the stories of three young men convicted of party-related rape. Signe has reported a party-related rape and knows how significant the consequences can be for survivors.

In the conversations with "Morten," "Benjamin," and "Kasper," stories of identity crisis, denial and responsibility emerge. The meetings with Signe, who shares her own experiences, are challenging but somehow redemptive. What is it that makes us not understand others' limits when drunk? And how do you return to daily life after serving a multi-year prison sentence for something that many people think of as an unforgivable act?

"Morten," "Benjamin," and "Kasper" are only three cases out of thousands. Norwegian police statistics show that at least 3628 party-related rapes were reported between 2011 and 2019.

Having sex with someone "unable to resist the act" was not incorporated into the Norwegian penal code until 2009. In the last decade, rapes that take place in a party context, where the victim often sleeps or is too drunk to give consent, have accounted for the largest proportion of reported sexual assaults for people over 14 years old - approximately 40 percent annually. Boundaries are erased in drunkenness, and survivors often know their perpetrators.

In this documentary, we follow three young men convicted of party-related rape, from allegation, trial, and sentencing, to imprisonment and, finally, release.

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Stray Dog Productions Oslo
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Norwegian Film Institute
Fritt Ord Foundation
Fond for lyd og bilde
KriStine Ann Skaret
Sarah Winge-Sørensen
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Eirin Gjørv


  • Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid

    Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid (b. 1995) is a director and journalist based in Oslo and Gothenburg. She is currently completing her master's degree in creative directing at HDK-Valand in Sweden. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor's degree in journalism at OsloMet and has since written for major Norwegian national papers such as VG, Klassekampen, and Morgenbladet, among others.

    Signe has also directed several short documentaries that have screened at festivals worldwide. She recently co-directed the short art film BBQ & Apocalypse, which screened at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival and Glasgow Short Film Festival. In 2020, her film Not in Tanzania received an honorable mention at the Bergen International Film Festival and was nominated for The Iris Prize in 2021. Her 2019 graduation film from the OsloMet film art program, the short film Wrong Direction, screened in competition at the New Nordic Voice program at Nordisk Panorama in 2020.

    Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid


Nils Bendik Kvissel
Fredrik Siegel Sjølund
Arnar Bjorøy


BIFF - Bergen International Film Festival
Honorable Mention


BIFF - Bergen International Film Festival


Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo
Geir Fjermestad Rolandsen
Bendik Giske
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Anna Nilsson

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Stereo 5.1
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