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Sørfond's overall objective is to strengthen film production in countries where film production is limited for political or economic reasons.
Sørfond is to help to reinforce film as a cultural expression, promote diversity and artistic integrity, and strengthen freedom of speech in such countries. Sørfond is also to contribute to closer cooperation between the Norwegian and international film industries.

Sørfond is administered by The Norwegian Film Institute, in co-operation with Oslo Festival Agency. Sørfond is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application deadline

The application deadline is March 16 2022 at 12.00 (noon) Norwegian time.

Who may apply?

• A private, independent production company in Norway that has audiovisual productions as its main activity.
• The company may not be predominantly publicly owned or closely linked to a broadcasting organisation
• The company must be organized as a limited liability company (Aksjeselskap/AS)
• The company must be registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises (Brønnøysundregisteret)
• The applicant company must represent the Norwegian minority producer


Fiction film and documentary

What you may apply for

You may apply for top financing for co-productions.

Calculation of the grant

The limit per production is NOK 1 million.

Funding criteria

•Grant applications may only include remaining work on the production from the submission date.

•The Norwegian minority producer and the main producer must have entered into a co-production agreement. A letter of intent will be accepted for the application.

• The main producer must be established as a private production company that has prime responsibility for the financial and practical implementation of the project and owns the film rights.

• Key persons connected to both the majority and the minority producer must have documented professional experience in their fields.

• The minimum running time of the production is 50 minutes, and the film must be produced for screening in cinemas, on television, or on other audiovisual media platforms.

• The main production company must be located in a country represented on the Norwegian Government's list of countries eligible to receive aid (ODA) from Norway (Sørfond's list of countries). See the list of countries in the Guidelines.

• The director must be resident in a country represented on Sørfond's list of countries.

• At least 70 % of the grant must be spent in a country on Sørfond's list of countries.

• At least 50 % of the total funding of the production must be confirmed at the date of the application deadline.

Considering with whom and where to co-produce: Look to Norway! Download our co-production catalogue (pdf).

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Benedikte Danielsen

Project Manager
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Benedikte Danielsen