Norsk filminstitutt

The Norwegian Film Institute has allocated €700.000 (NOK 6.5 million)  development support for 10 computer games, including six new projects an four, which have previously received state funding.

embracelet (2).png

"We received 30 applications, and we awarded a wide range of projects, both in terms of platform, genre and target audience, which also reflects the variety breadth of the games developed in Norway. There is a lot to look forward to," said head of the institute’s Game Division, Kaja Hench Dyrlie.

The 10 supported projects:

Morkredd (Mørkredd) - an evocative exploration game where shadows kill, developed by Hyper Games AS (Development grant: NOK 1.4 million)


Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Flåklypa Grand Prix) – a game from Ravn Studio AS with 3D racing behind the wheel in the famous Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (NOK 1 million)
Fishing: North Atlantic – a sequel to the successful PC game Fishing: Barents Sea, set in a new area, from Misc Games (NOK 1 million)
Draugen – a psychological thriller game set in 1923 in a small town in northwestern Norway, developed by Red Thread Games (NOK 850,000)

Embracelet – described as an adventure game filled with magic, friendship, puzzles and love , from Machineboy AS (NOK 700,000)
Nenia – a game about living with depression, anxiety and addiction, from Henchman & Goon (NOK 500,000)

Norse – a tactical, turn-based strategy game set in the Nordic countries and the UK during the Viking Age, from Arctic Hazard Game Studio AS (NOK 500, 000)

Coding-game (working title) (Kodespill) – introduced as a story-driven learn-to-code game for children, developed by Bitbyte AS (NOK 350,000)

Animal Drivers Unleashed – a stunt car game with soft, solitary drivers, from Hello Bard AS (NOK 100,000)

Solar Explorer: New Dawn – an arcade game where you play through 40 missions in six worlds, from Dwarf Cavern AS (NOK 100,000)