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 The line-up includes Finnish director Mika Mattilas Carnival Pilgrims and Swedish director Amanda Kernell’s Charter

 The Norwegian Film Institute has allocated €390,000 (NOK 3.7 million) co-production support for four Nordic projects, including Danish director Ole Christian Madsen’s Notat and Swedish director Amanda Kernell’s Charter.


Dir: Ole Christian Madsen. Scr: Madsen, Lars K Andersen. Prods: Malene Blenkov, Karen Kristensen, for Creative Alliance Danmark. Norwegian co-prod: Håkon Øverås, for 4½ Fiksjon.

The award-winning director (of ao Flame & Citron (Flammen og Citronen/2008) and Superclassico (2011) has based his new feature on the real-life events of the first terrorist attack in Denmark on 14 February, 2015.
The NFI Support is €0.2 million for the €2.7 million budget.



Scr/Dir: Amanda Kernell. Prod: Lars G Lindström, for Nordisk Film Production Sverige. Norwegian co-prod: Aage Aaberge, Nordisk Film Production Norge.

After her feature debut Sami Blood (Sameblod/2016), which won more than 20 international festival awards, Kernell has written Charter about a 40-year-old mother, who is about to lose her parental rights of her two children. In a desperate attempt to win back a place in the their lives, she takes them on a charter trip to the Canary Islands, hoping that they will choose to live with her when the case comes to court.

Charter has also received a Eurimages grant. The NFI support: is €0.1 million for the €3.8 million budget.


Børnene på Silkevejen 6-15

Dirs/Scr: Jens Pedersen, Kaspar Astrup Schrøder, Simon L Wilmont. Prods: Marie Stevnbak Westergren, Knut Skoglund, for ToolBox Film Danmark, with Norway’s Relation04 Media.

- An international 10-episode series for children set on the old Silk Way Routes.


Carnival Pilgrims

Dir/Scr: Mika Mattila. Prod: Mattila, for Finland’s Ideasthetic, with Dag Hoel, for Norway’s Dag Hoel Filmproduksjon. - What is tourism? The film explores  the motives to go to Jerusalem, Venice and Gran Canaria, revealing the driving force behind, and how tourism has become a threat.


Development support for two documentaries

In addition, two Norwegian documentaries have received development support from the institute:

The Kung Fu Nuns (Kung Fu Nonnene). Scr/Dir: Line Hartland. Prod: KriStine Ann Skaret, for Oslo’s Stray Dog Productions.

 Halleluhah  (about Christian Zionism). Scr/Dir: Tonje Hessen Schei. Prod: Christian Falch, for Oslo’s UpNorth Film.