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Home Ground (Heimebane) is, as the first Norwegian drama series ever, selected for the Berlinale Special – Berlinale Series.

Actor Ane Dahl Torp and former football pro John Carew in Home Ground

Home Ground, created by Johan Fasting, is about Helena Mikkelsen who is given the reins to a struggling small-town football club. She becomes the first ever woman to coach a top division men’s team. In her fight for the club's survival, she must stand her ground against hateful players, abusive fans and a rampant media turning her every move into front-page news.   

Home Ground’s first two episodes, directed by Arild Andresen, is one of seven drama series screened in this festival program, which is not a competition program, but still regarded as a very important international viewing venue for a Norwegian drama series.

The drama series is produced by Yngve Sæther and Vilje Kathrine Hagen (Motlys AS) and Vegard Stenberg Eriksen (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). In addition to Arild Andresen, Cecilie Mosli, Stian Kristiansen, Yngvild Sve Flikke and Eirik Svensson has also directed episodes.

Home Ground will be domestically released in March 2018. Read more about Home Ground.

The 68th Berlin International Film Festival takes place February 15-25.