The Norwegian Film Institute has awarded one million euros (ten million kroner) to eleven Norwegian computer game producers.

Elleville Elfrid
Elleville Elfrid, known internationally as Ella Bella Bingo. 

“This year NFI has increased its budgeting fund to Norwegian games. Never before have we handed out so many grants to help game makers develop new games,” says Kaja Hench Dyrlie, Head of Section Production and responsible for the funding of games in the Norwegian Film Institute.

This year, the Ministry of Culture and the Norwegian Film Institute prioritize the funding of game production and NFI has budgeted 2.5 million euros (24.4 million kroner) to help develop and produce new games. In addition, NFI will award grants to help Norwegian game industry makers to launch their products nationally as well as internationally. In all, more than 3 million euros will be given out in 2019.

“Out of the 33 applicants in this submission round, eight received grants. Three of them have received funding previously,” tells Kaja Hench Dyrlie. “It is a pleasure to support such a wide range of genres, target groups and platforms. The games we have assisted are aimed at children of all ages, as well as teenagers and more mature audiences. In addition, we have supported well-established screen favourites like Elleville Elfrid (Ella Bella Bingo), Kaptain Sabeltann (Captain Sabeltooth) and Pelle politibil (Pelle, the Police Car). And we look forward to follow this year’s winner of the Norwegian Gameplay Championship, TRY Apt, in the development of its arcade action game Terror Squid to Switch.”

The following projects receives NFI grants:

TRY Apt AS wins 70,000 euros to further develop Terror Squid, the winner of this year’s NM in Gameplay.

Krillbite Studio AS gets 150,000 euros to produce Fruit Bus, where the player runs his own food truck.

Kool Produktion AS and Rock Pocket Games AS receives 70,000 euros to make the mobile game Elleville Elfrid. The character, known from a television series sold to 45 countries, will be seen on the big screen in the Nordic countries on January 24th.

Retro Dungeon pockets an additional 10,000 euros to make Combustion, a 90’s inspired role play.

Audvyr AS collects 25,000 euros for the production of The Fold: Ingression, a horror fantasy set in a Norwegian stave church.

Red Thread Games AS wins 200,000 euros to produce Dustborn, set in a world 30 years after an environmental disaster.

Black Book AS obtains 100,000 euros for the production of Våken, which presents a 50-year old man’s exploration of the connection between dreams and reality.

Bifrost Entertainment AS is given 50,000 euros to make Myriad, “a minimalistic firework in shapes, colours and sound”.

Dirtybit AS reaps 100,000 euros for FunRX, a new game set in the well-known Fun Run universe.

Ravn Studio AS collects 150,000 euros for the production of a new Kaptein Sabeltann platform game app, Captain Sabeltann and the Magic Diamond.

DigiPilot Games AS pockets 80,000 euros for Pelle Politibil, where the player together with Pelle will solve exciting and fast-paced missions.