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Berlinale 2019: This event will bring together experts on Artificial Intelligence as well as Tonje Hessen Schei, director of the documentary iHUMAN.



Sat, Feb. 9 | 13.00-14.30


The documentary iHUMAN dives into the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence and explores the current and future impact of AI that many in the field view as one of the, if not the most, dis ruptive and farĀ­reaching technology in the history of mankind.


This film investigates the dilemmas experts face as they drive this technology forward, and foreshadows the implications for society. Without regulation, legis lation and governance frameworks  based on crucial ethical standards we run the risk of losing our grip on this everĀ­evolving technology, thus removing human intelligence from the equation. Although skepticism is more than valid, it is our goal to explore how humanity can maximize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, while containing its negative impact.


This event will bring together the following experts on Artificial Intelligence 

  • Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser in the European Commission & Member of the Data Ethics Commission appointed by the German Government.
  • Guido Brinkel, Head of Regulatory Policy, Microsoft
  • Leil Zahra, Tactical Technology Collective
  • Tonje Hessen Schei, director of the documentary iHUMAN.

Moderated by Danielle Turkov Wilson, Think Impact Film Production