Berlinale 2019: After playing some very troubled characters in her latest Norwegian films, actress Ine Marie Wilmann is ready to enter the international stage as this year`s EFP European Shooting Star from Norway. 

Ine Marie Wilmann

In her newest film, Sonja - The White Swan (2018) with international premiere in Sundance, Wilmann depticts the rise and fall of Norwegian skating legend and Hollywood movie star Sonja Henie. She was a woman who was very used to success in everything she underwent and ended her career drunk, fallen on slushy ice in Rio de Janeiro. To play Henie, Ine Marie Wilmann had to learn how to figure skate on a high technical level.

In her previous film, Homesick (2015), Wilmann played the role of Charlotte who initiates an intimate relationship with her own brother whom she hasn’t met since they were very young.


- Every part I play must have its own approach, but many things are similar. I spend a lot of time thinking, analyzing and working my way into the core of the character. I need to understand it emotionally and find out what is important about the project, says Wilmann.


She feels she has quite good access to her emotions and is brave enough to share the vulnerable and ugly little creature she – as everybody else – has inside somewhere.


- I think we all feel a little less lonely on earth, knowing that someone else also is carrying what we try to conceal.


- An increasing number of Norwegian actors get parts in big international productions. Why do you think this happens?

- In Norway, for starters most actors have a very good education. And I believe all the training in the craftsmanship of being an actor makes thorough actors that can stretch themselves in many directions. I have heard American agents say that we are “in it for the craft”, which gives us a depth and seriousness which is more needed than the quest for fame, says Shooting Star Ine Marie Wilmann.