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The Norwegian Film Institute has backed five drama series with a combined total of 26m NOK (2,7 m EUR) in its latest funding round.

lykkeland 2
State of Happiness 2

«This round proves that Norwegian drama is on the up, both in terms of output and quality,» NFI commissioner Ståle Stein Berg said.

Fourteen productions, with a combined budget of nearly 1bn NOK (104 m EUR), had applied for a total of 120m (12,5 m EUR) NOK.

«The sheer number of large, ambitious and solid projects makes our job difficult. That said, we’re impressed by the variations in style and content,» Berg added on behalf of the funding committee.

«Not only do we see a rise in quality as such; common among many of the series is artistic audacity, a wish to challenge audiences and a talent for conveying distinct and engaging stories. We find it particularly pleasing to observe that the screening platforms are taking risks by giving the creators freedom. On the whole, we’re thrilled to confirm that the production environment seems to be thriving»

The series in question will appear on TV 2, TVNorge, Viaplay and NRK. The five projects backed in this week’s funding round are the following:

* Maipo Film AS, scriptwriter Mette M. Bølstad and director Petter Næss: 8.4m NOK (0,9 m EUR) for State of Happiness 2 (Lykkeland 2) (NRK).

The tale of the Norwegian oil venture continues. This chapter, however, is marred by accidents.

* Ole Endresen and Monday Scripted AS: 4m (420.000 EUR) NOK for «Let’s Die Together» (Viaplay).

A dark comedy drama about a group of suicidal individuals who concoct one last, reckless plan: to rob a bank.

* Rubicon TV AS and creators Anne Bjørnstad and Izer Aliu: 8m (0,8 m EUR) NOK for Countrymen (Jordbrukerne) (NRK).

We meet a band of rather unusual farmers in rural Telemark. Izer Aliu («Hunting Flies») and Iram Haq («What Will People Say») directs.

* Creators Mathis Fürst and Birgitte Wegener and Feelgood Scene Film og TV AS: 2.6m NOK (270.000 EUR) for Big children (preliminary title) (Store barn)» (TVNorge).

A comedy series about a circle of friends who have to grow up fast when their kids become teenagers. Fürst («Helt perfekt») directs.

* Anagram Norway AS and creators Ole Marius Araldsen and Nicolai Cleve Broch: 3m NOK (310 m EUR) for Love Story ((Kj)ærlighet) (TV 2).

A relationship drama about two couples, four perspectives – and how the smallest things can make the biggest differences. The music video veteran Eigil Landmark is conceptualising director.

store barn
Big Children (preliminary title)