Norway is experiencing a new wave of documentary production and distribution as well as a new breed of internationally ambitious filmmakers. During a Norwegian showcase at DOC corner in Cannes on Monday May 20th, four projects will be presented. Read about them here. 

The last five years has seen an exponential growth in the industry, claiming several international main awards, and making numerous sales to territories all over the globe for a welcoming audience.


The self portrait

Lene (30) suffers from severe anorexia. Since the age of ten she has been hiding from the Norwegian Health Care System. Then she taught herself the art of photography.  Read more...



Apache! is a visually stunning true crime-inspired adventure that will take you into the drug cartel ridden mountains of Sierra Madre and the border area between US and Mexico on an adventurous journey to search for the mythical lost Apache tribe. Read more.....

bluecode 16-9

Blue Code of Silence

Forty years ago, policeman Bob Leuci and a group of prosecutors brought down New York’s most corrupt police unit. The case launched the careers of the prosecutors but made Leuci the most hated cop in America. Read more...


a-ha (002).jpg

a-ha – The movie

a-ha is Norways biggest pop success ever and their hit Take On Me is still one of the most played songs of the last millennium. Everybody remembers the iconic video, of course, and the band is still selling out arenas around the world. Read more...