Berlinale 2019: Smarter Production, or: How to economise and still optimise your film. EFM Horizon is looking to the future of the film, media and entertainment world and its cross-pollination with the growing tech and startup industries. The Norwegian film industry is always developing new methods and technology to enhance their film production. Coming to Berlin to present their new developments are the companies Drylab, Storyline, Gimpville  and White Rabbit.

Drylab bilde 2

Mon, Feb. 11 | 10.00-12.30

EFM Startups: White Rabbit

The European Film Market selects 10 leading tech entrepreneurs and introduces them to the film and media industry under the banner of EFM Horizon. One of them is Norwegian. The Norwegian company White Rabbit is professionalizing the worlds largest streaming market to collect data and revenue for rights holders. White Rabbit’s browser plug-in recognizes content streamed peer-to-peer and uses Blockchain to facilitate payment between fans and rights holders. In Berlin to present its vision and plans is founder, CEO and film producer Alan R. Milligan. 



Mon, Feb. 11 | 14.00-16.00


Director Erik Poppe (Utøya - July 22, The King`s Choice) on stage with Wendy Mitchell discussing smarter production. 

Moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Journalist and Film Festival Consultant), the event kicks off with an enlightening one-on-one with Norwegian filmmaker Erik Poppe - director of films like Utøya 22. juli (U - July 22, 2018 in the official Berlinale Competition programme) or Kongens nei (The King’s Choice, 2016), whose groundbreaking work with actors and multi-pronged story threads has earned him well-deserved acclaim and international recognition. Erik will talk about his experience as an early adapter of the presented evolving technologies for production.


Non-linear workflows – by Storyline

How to make a flexible post production workflow via all decisions made to an image is stored in a metadata container that lives “above” the actual footage and is never rendered into the image until the master. This format is possible to use within Edit, VFX and Grade. The metadata format is potentially established during principal photography and administered by the DIT (Digital Image Technician). This workflow has made us remove the term “Online” during post. We now use the term “Finishing” as we today can to more on the same hardware and to more in the same suite and Operator.


Drylab Dailies

Drylab started out to digitalise the Camera Report with an iOS app. This tool got adopted by the Script Supervisor that started a whole new approach on how to connect the Editor with the Script Supervisor. This has turned into a complete dailies distribution system. Drylab was the first to make this service available at a low price and has established a standard in Norwegian drama productions. The application is a tool for everyone involved in the creative and technical processes. 


Gimpvilles Case-study

Gimpville is Norway’s largest VFX and animation studio and they have worked with companies both in the East and in the West. At Horizon they will present a case-study of Ella Bella Bingo.