Berlinale 2019: Twelve Norwegian companies and organizations are presenting themselves in Norway House. Read about them here. 


Supporting emerging directors, The Sørfond has since 2012 supported more than 40 productions from developing countries, with high artistic quality and focus on freedom of expression.

Film Commission Norway

Film Commission Norway is the national film commission of Norway, whose purpose is to encourage production of international films in Norway. Financed by the government, with services free of charge. We will provide you with all the information and assistance you need for filming in Norway.

Regional Film Centers and Funds

The main purpose of the ten regional film centres and funds is to develop and strengthen film industries throughout Norway. With funding provided by the regional financers, local stories, nature and culture can reach a national and international film audience.


Tromsø International Film Festival proudly present: North is wild and wonderful nature, with steep mountains, clear blue fjords, northern lights and the midnight sun. In addition, we cover the entire ecosystem of filmmaking: talent development, location, advising, production, financing and screening venues.

Skeie Seating

Since 1948 we have supplied fixed seating solutions that have exceeded our customer’s expectations. A unique knowledge of materials, continuous product development, as well as several decades of direct contact with the market have made us Scandinavia’s premier fixed seating supplier.


Storyline Studios provide services throughout the entire workflow. We offer a complete technical pipeline from production to post production, including production services and film financing. Storyline Studios truly is a one stop shop.


NAGRA provides security and multiscreen user experience solutions for the monetization of digital media. NAGRA’s DVnor Media Asset Management solutions provide a simplified and automated workflow for storageand distribution of content. With NAGRA dSpree operators can launch a proven VOD service which support all different business models in minutes.


Nettkino is conceived as a ”catchupcinema” service (pay-per-view)that offers a curated selection of fresh films to the audience,seeking to find a sustainablesolution to «the black window» forthe benefit of filmmakers, cinemas and the wider public.


Gimpville is Norways largest VFX and animation studio. They host artists with a diverse background and are currently involved in an animated feature, vfx for several feature films, producing TVCs and other commercial projects.


Dagslys is a high-end supplier of technical film equipment with outstanding service and support. We’ll provide a full-scope production studio including lights, cameras, studio facilities and post-production, whenever and wherever you want to shoot.

Kamera Rental

Kamera Rental is a major rental house in Scandinavia, working closely with partners worldwide to provide professional solutions for film, TV and commercial productions of all scales, supplying everything from camera equipment to post production facilities.

Norwegian Film & TV Producers’ Association (Virke Produsentforeningen)

Organizes about 120 independent production companies within Film, TV and the games industry. The association handles negotiations, works for political framework for the industry and the general development of the industry.