Norsk filminstitutt

Berlinale 2019: Norway has some fantastic up and coming filmmakers working within different formats and expressions. Meet seven of them in Berlin.

Presentation Sat, Feb. 9 | 16.00-18.00


UP is talent programme for some of the most talented female directors and producers coming out of Norway. During this event we invite you to join us for the presentation of seven outstanding new projects in development, all of them with cross border potential and well suited for international co-operation.

These are the projects you will hear more about:


1. Faith

FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS (Doc) As a young woman Edel leaves her home village, secluded in the fjord lands of Norway, to become an artist in Berlin. Thirty years later she returns as Abbess Thavoria, the highest ranked nun within the Greek Orthodox Church. Together with a group of appointed sisters, she has been sent on a mission by her spiritual father to build a magnificent monastery on legendary Mount Sylte, 400 vertical meters above the fjord.


Director Silje Evensmo Jacobsen
Screenplay Silje Evensmo Jacobsen
Producers Linn Th. Amundsen and Kari Wåle for Zacapa Film AS



NUDES (Drama series)

NUDES is a teen drama about 3 teenagers from different parts of Norway who get nudes spread through social media. Sofia (16) and Axel have sex at a party. The next day a film of them is sent around school. She and her friends go on a pursuit of finding out who filmed. Ida (14) meets a guy on Tinder. Then she’s contacted by Jan, who tells her that a nude of her is posted on a forum. He can help her, but he needs something in return. Viktor (18) is accused of child pornography because of a film he posted. He tries to get Miriam to drop the charges, but his actions have huge consequences. 

Directors Erika Calmeyer and Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad 
Screenplay Erika Calmeyer,  Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad and Jørgen Flasnes Færøy
Producers Nina M. Barbosa Blad and Melike Leblebicioğlu for NRK P3

Format: 9 x 18-20 minutes



TO DO GOOD_kvithyll


A somber mosaic of life in Norway, the film TO DO GOOD presents five stories with a common theme namely “the act of doing good”. What happens when the intentions are good, but they fall short when tested by real-life situations? The film looks at the contradictions of Scandinavian life and identity with conflicting perspectives, surprising twists, unexplained actions, and ambiguous endings.


Director: Ellen Ugelstad

Screenplay: Einar Sverdrup and Ellen Ugelstad
Producer: Elisabeth Kvithyll
Production Company: Nordisk Film

Delivery Date: 2021
Duration: 115min


5. No mans land

NO MAN LAND Gunn, Sara and Marie are three single women stuck in a small Norwegian village where there are no eligible men left, until one day three handsome policemen arrive. The women cook up the perfect plan to get their attention; break the law and get caught.


Director Ingrid Stenersen
Screenplay Ingrid Stenersen
Producers Nicholas Sando and Stein Berge Svendsen for Smallville Films AS


7. Ebba_and_the_lover_bild

EBBA & THE LOVER  17-year-old EBBA has low self-esteem, and has dropped out of high school. She spends her days working in Oslo harbour. She feels alone and dreams of love. One night, as she's finishing up in the empty harbour, she finds a man who’s disoriented and has hit his head badly. He seems to be Eastern-European, and Ebba finds him incredibly beautiful. She discovers that he has lost his memories – he doesn’t know where he is or even who he is. Impulsively, Ebba decides to take advantage of the situation and lies to the man, telling him that she’s his girlfriend, and that they’re very much in love.


Director Johanna Pyykkö
Screenplay Johanna Pyykkö and Jørgen Færøy
Producers Verona Maier and Ruben Thorkildsen for Ape&Bjørn


9. Wonderboy

WONDERBOY Journalist Camilla gets deceived into visiting young Waleed in a federal prison in Los Angeles, only to find he wants her to write his biography: The true story of how he managed to rise from being an immigrant looser to become «Norway’s next Mark Zuckerberg». About his friendship with ministers, Kofi Annan and the Norwegian royal family. About the million­dollar fortune and how Camilla ruined his life. And how he eventually got caught by the FBI at the tender age of 21 and sentenced to 11 years in prison. But truth is relative to a man who built his life on lies. Wonderboy is based on a true story.


Director Johan Kaos
Screenplay Johan Kaos
Producer Elisabeth Kvithyll for Nordisk Film Production AS


Norwegian project for pitch at the Co-Production Market

alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner

@CHICA_CHILE_NORWAY is a fun drama about fifteen-year-old Mariana, who grows up in a multicultural suburb on Oslo’s east side.  Like most teenagers she wants to do good in school, be popular and get herself a boyfriend. But life in the suburbs is tough, and girls have to fight for their right to be themselves. And when Mariana’s older brother joins a dangerous military operation in Afghanistan, her family starts to come undone.

The film will be a fun and warm depiction of independence, individuation and emerging sexuality. About standing up for one’s own choices. It is based on Maria Navarro Skaranger’s debut novel Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner (2015)written in a bubbly and poetic multiethnolect.


Director Ingvild Søderlind
Screenplay Hilde Susan Jægtnes
Producer Cecilie Aspenes for Miso Film Norge