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Margreth Olin, one of Norway`s foremost filmmakers, is making a documentary, Songs of Earth, from her father's hometown in Western Norway.

Fedrelandet_Credit Dag Asle Mykl√łen

- A new film from Margreth Olin is always exciting, and here she has gone into the very closest, namely her own father and his relationship to nature he has lived in all his life. This promises to be a magnificent film where nature and music play very central parts. Olin already has the highly acclaimed sales agent Cinephil on the team, and this film has a reach that goes far beyond Oldedalen and Stryn - and Norway's borders, says Kjersti Mo, CEO of the Norwegian Film Institute.

Director Margreth Olin and Speranza Film AS received NOK 3,200,000 (EURO 320.000) in production support for the documentary Songs of Earth, a nature film with a very personal entrance; namely, the director's own father.

-I believe that in the battle between power (man) and the powerful (nature), the powerful wins. Nature was man's first love. Let's not forget that, Olin Says.

About the film

An all-night magnificent documentary symphony, a nature film with a personal entrance. Nature is a language of our own, which we humans must listen to in order to survive. An audio-visual composition of the earth's primordial forces, the earth's sounds are put together into music. The director's father is 84 years old. We follow in his footsteps into the mountains. Into nature's smallest constituents and out into the great panoramas of one of Norway's most beautiful places, where he grew up. Being connected to nature, what does that mean? Dad knows and Dad shows.

About Margreth Olin

Filmmaker Margreth Olin has a long and distinguished career. Her first documentary feature, In the House of Angels won the Amanda award in 1998. She received her second Amanda for My Body (2002). The dogumentary Raw Youth, presented by Lars von Trier, was nominated for a European Film Award in 2004. Olin also makes fiction features. The Angel (2009) won over critics, audiences and award-juries alike. The drama was the Norwegian candidate for the 2010 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Olin is also the managing director of Speranza Film and a sought-after lecturer in Norway and abroad, often focusing on topics from her films, and techniques of storytelling.   

The script is by Margreth Olin, and the film is produced by Margreth Olin and Lena Faye-Lund Sandvik