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Director Dag Johan Haugerud and production company Motlys receive a total of NOK 19.1 million (Euro 1,90 million) in production grants from the Norwegian Film Insitute for the project Sex, Dreams and Something Stupid Called Love - three films that consist of three loosely connected stories that in various ways depict sexuality, longings, and dreams with a queer sensibility in Oslo today.

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Dag Johan Haugerud is an accomplished director who has previously made festival successes like I Belong (2012) and Beware of Children (2019). The latter was screened at the Venice Film Festival and received the Dragon Award in Gothenburg in 2020.  

- In line with Kieślowski's Three Colors trilogy Red, White and Blue, Haugerud's films are independent works that can be seen separately, but have an extra dimension and a deeper meaning when you see them in order, says Cecilie Aspenes, Film Commissioner Feature Films & Drama Series in The Norwegian Film Institute.

The films will each have their exclusive cinema premieres before they will eventually be shown on the streaming service Viaplay.

- Sex, Dreams, and Something Stupid Called Love is both artistically and financially groundbreaking work from the filmmakers Dag Johan Haugerud and Yngve Sæther, says Cecilie Aspenes.

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