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Joachim Trier's Cannes 2021 competition title The Worst Person in the World has been selected as Norway's entry for Best International Feature Film Award at the 94th Academy Awards.

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The Worst Person in the World world premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where its lead actress, Renate Reinsve was awarded the Best Actress Award. The film has since Cannes participated in several renowned North American festivals such as Toronto, Hamptons, New York and Chicago.

- With the journey The Worst Person in the World has made from the main competition in Cannes, with historical actress award to Renate Reinsve, festival participation and sold to more than 50 countries, we think the film has a unique chance of an Oscar nomination, says Kjersti Mo, Head of the Norwegian Oscar Committee.

The committee has been thrilled by Trier's tribute to the art of film in the form of a drama-comedy that conveys deep seriousness with playful lightness and elegance.

- Many thanks to the Norwegian Oscar committee for the trust they have shown us. We are ready to fight for a nomination. Several key awards press have also positioned Renate Reinsve as a contender in this year’s Best Actress race. Her performance has been referred to as a “revelatory experience,” and one of the “year’s best.” Who knows where this could end? We are very happy, the whole team, says director Joachim Trier on behalf of The Worst Person in the World.

- Joachim Trier has deftly crafted a film that simultaneously appeals to both an older and a younger audience. It’s impossible to watch The Worst Person in the World and not see our own complex humanity on display. Trier’s non-judgmental approach to his characters as they try to connect with each other only builds our empathy, says Tom Quinn, CEO/Founder of Neon, the U.S distributor of the film. 

About The Worst Person in the World

Director Joachim Trier returns with another modern twist on a classically constructed character portrait of contemporary life in Oslo. Chronicling four years in the life of Julie, The Worst Person in the World examines one woman’s quest for love and meaning in the modern world. Fluidly told in twelve chapters, the film features a breakout performance by Cannes Best Actress winner Renate Reinsve as she explores new professional avenues and embarks on relationships with two very different men (Anders Danielsen Lie and Herbert Nordrum) in her search for happiness and identity.

In the main roles we find Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie and Herbert Nordrum. The screenplay is written by Eskil Vogt and Joachim Trier himself. The film is produced by Thomas Robsahm and Andrea Berentsen Ottmar for Oslo Pictures. Norwegian premiere was October 15, 2021, and have already reached 90.000 admissions. The international sales agent is the French company MK2, while Neon will open the film theatrically in the US in 2021.

About Joachim Trier

Joachim Trier (b. 1974) is an internationally celebrated director and screenwriter. His critically acclaimed and award-winning feature films Reprise (2006), Oslo, August 31st (2011), Louder Than Bombs (2015), and Thelma (2017), all co-written with Eskil Vogt, have been invited to and won awards at international film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Karlovy Vary, Gothenburg, Milan, and Istanbul. The Worst Person in The World is his fifth feature.

Three movies shortlisted

Last week, the list of current Norwegian Oscar nominees was reduced from nineteen contenters to a shortlist of three feature films: Betrayed (Den største forbrytelsen) by Eirik Svensson, Ninjababy by Yngvild Sve Flikke and The Worst Person in the World (Verdens verste menneske) by Joachim Trier.

Norwegian Oscar Committee 2021

The Norwegian Oscar Committee, consisting of eight representatives from the Norwegian film industry and headed by CEO Kjersti Mo.

Kjersti Mo, Norwegian Film Institute
Øyvor Dalan Vik, Norwegian Film Critics Association
Margrete Vinnem, Norwegian Film Workers Union
Marika Enstad, Norwegian Actors’ Union
Kaveh Tehrani, Norwegian Film Directors Association
Vibeke Idsøe, Writers’ Guild of Norway
John M. Jacobsen, Virke, Norwegian Producers Association
Stine Oppegaard, Norwegian Film Institute

Previous Norwegian Oscar nominations

Previous Norwegian feature films that have been nominated are Kon-Tiki (2013), Elling (2001), The Other Side of Sunday (Søndagsengler, 1996), The Pathfinder (Veiviseren, 1987) and Nine Lives (Ni Liv, 1957). The King's Choice (Kongens nei) was on the academy's shortlist in 2016 and Hope (Håp) was on the shortlist in 2021.

The Oscar nominations will be announced on February 8th, 2022. The 94th edition of the Oscar gala will next be held on Sunday, March 27, 2022, in Los Angeles.    

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