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Why do we want to create a diverse and inclusive workplace? What is the value of the thoughts? What is the value of experience? What is the value of the mindset of a diverse workforce?

NFI invites the Norwegian film industry to an important, inspiring and insightful keynote presentation on inclusive leadership and the lenses we all look through, by one of the leading on-screen diversity executives - Naomi Sesay.

Torsdag 21. oktober
09:00 - 11:00
Tancred kino / Facebook Live

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Creating a truly diverse workforce in this day and age is paramount. But we struggle to swiftly make that change which is so desperately sought. 
Creating a psychology step change is key to dismantling discriminating and bias ideas that plague our world. Understanding the science behind communication and using cognitive tools within our teams and organisations will lead us to new ways of thinking, living and working. The answers to our questions are perhaps hidden in plain sight.

About Naomi Sesay

On-Screen Diversity Executive, Public Speaker, Broadcast TV Producer/Director, Entrepreneur

With over 20 years’ experience in television and media, Naomi Sesay has devoted her career to serving as a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion, and trail-blazer for social enterprise. Recent roles at Channel 4 included On Screen Diversity Executive and Interim Head of Diversity & Inclusion. She also worked as Head of Innovation and Diversity for Media Trust. Currently, Naomi is the Senior Trainer in Race Fluency and Inclusive Leadership for the FTSE 100 companies in the UK.

As a Diversity & Inclusion expert, Naomi has delivered training for an array of organisations including: Google, YouTube, NBC Universal, IPA and MTV. In 2015, Naomi won the IDOX award for journalism, recognising the impact of her inspiring work in building confidence of local people and creating vibrant places for them to live, work and play.

Naomi got her start in television, working for MTV News as a Producer, Director and Presenter at the height of MTV Europe’s popularity. Naomi also worked as one of the first Producers of Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother.’

Having spent 20 years in television, Naomi felt the call of social enterprise and set her intentions on creating tools and resources for underserved demographics. Naomi quickly became a successful property investor, mentor and trainer within the wealth creation arena. Naomi attributes much of her business success to a new approach towards social enterprise.

Naomi is also the founder and director of Billionaire Ladies Club, a growing global network of highly aspirational women looking to transform the world through entrepreneurship. She is the creator of transformational life workshops including Create Change (an entrepreneurship program for economically challenged women) and Reality Check (a youth program) all of which are paving the way to raise a more enlightened level of collective human consciousness.

As an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker, Naomi challenges audiences to examine their emotional and cultural intelligence to create a truly diverse workforce. She has shared her insights on how to connect, resonate and powerfully lead a diverse cohort with audiences from Warner Bros, AMC, Technicolor, Cabinet Office, Heathrow, Viacom, Post Office, UN Woman, Harvard and more.