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LIM – Less is More sin internasjonale workshop for utvikling av fiksjonsfilmer, LIM 2023, foregår over tre sesjoner i løpet av året og avsluttes med en showcase, kalt LIM Meet. De deltakende prosjektene presenteres for en utvalgt gruppe produsenter, salgsagenter og finansiører. Vi utlyser plass for to norske produsenter som vil få delta som observatør, få dekket kost og losji, og motta reisestipend.

Mandag 9. oktober - Torsdag 12. oktober
Brest, Frankrike

Tid: 10.-11.oktober (ankomst 9. og avreise 12. oktober)

Sted: Plouneour-Brignogan, i nærheten av Brest, Frankrike

Søknadsfrist: Fredag 25. august, innen klokka 12 (norsk tid).


På LIM Meet presenteres 16 internasjonale prosjekt for produsenter, salgsagenter og finansiører. Vi utlyser to plasser for produsenter for deltakelse på LIM Meet, 10.-11. oktober i Frankrike (ankomst 9. og avreise 12. oktober). De utvalgte vil få reisestipend og også få kost og losji dekket.

Målgruppe: Produsenter som er interesserte i samproduksjonsmuligheter og er interessert og nysgjerrig på ideologien og filosofien til LIM – Less Is More.

NFI har vært partner med LIM – Less Is More siden 2018. NFI har arrangert Prewriting/Boosting Ideas workshops i Norge (de to siste årene i samarbeid med Den Norske Filmskolen), sendt produsenter til LIM Meet og hatt deltakere i LIMs internasjonale workshop hvert år siden.

Slik søker du: Send søknad med relevant CV og skriv litt om din motivasjon for å delta til


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LIM Meet 

LIM Meet is a tailor-made adventure, in Le Groupe Ouest village, which gathers a very chosen group of European producers, sales agents and film commissioners to meet the 16 feature-film projects selected at very early stage to our development programme Less is More and carried by talented filmmakers developing their first to third features.

During these two days, in a hotel literally situated on the beach, we would like to invite you to attend the projects' presentations, one-to-one meetings, brainstorming moments around the perspective Le Groupe Ouest proposes with its unique approach in script development and of course gatherings around oysters and seafood!

Meeting those talented filmmakers after a year of intense workshops with four dedicated tutors, but also sharing an on-site moment with other industry guests, out of festival frenzy and in an inspiring decorum, were as many good reasons to be part of the event for the industry guests of last edition.

As projects are at a very early stage, and our DNA is the development, the aim is to build more than a usual coproduction market and to carefully choose the right professionals so they can give and discuss with the projects' holders at this very peculiar stage.  

If you do not know our scheme nor Le Groupe Ouest, in a few words, for 17 years we have been exploring new methods for creating stories and finding their core, coaching writers and helping them produce a meaningful story in a context of European cooperation and innovation. 

LIM  Less is More 

LIM | Less is More is a European training programme for first to third feature development, powered by Creative Europe — MEDIA and the alliance of ten European countries.

LIM's team, led by Le Groupe Ouest – the European Film Lab established on the coast of northern Brittany – has created its own revolution, becoming 'the European feature film development programme for committed filmmakers in a changing world'.

At the heart of this leitmotif, is the fundamental idea that using the concept of limitation is not only a matter of budget but becomes a necessity both to enhance creativity and to rethink how independent cinema is conceived in a time of deep ecological and political concern.

LIM is conceived as a platform to help talented new filmmakers sculpt the films that humans of our times need. LIM's battle points at the necessity to work collectively on generating meaning in a context of void created by the religion of quantity & consumption.

LIM's team wants to continue to open new types of collaborations between writers and filmmakers to help independent cinema open new horizons of humanism.



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