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The Norwegian Film Institute also manages a number of other support schemes. 

Incentive scheme for production of films and series

The incentive scheme for production of film and series came into force on the 1st January 2016, with a budget of NOK 45 million. The scheme continued with further strength in 2017, with an increased budget of NOK 57 million. This is a reimbursement-based scheme where productions that satisfy given criteria can apply for funding for up to 25 percent of approved costs in Norway. The purpose of the scheme is to increase the number of large international productions of film and series in Norway, in order to promote Norwegian culture, history and nature. The incentive scheme is also intended to help increase experience and knowledge in the Norwegian film industry, provide stimulation for growth, a sustainable Norwegian film industry and increased international co-operation. Based on the budgets stated in the accepted applications, we estimate that approximately two thirds of the reimbursed money go back to the Norwegian film industry.

Script development

The purpose of the scheme is to stimulate the development of scripts of high artistic quality, targeting screenwriters. Funding can be given throughout the entire process of developing a script and until a revised first draft. The scrip development scheme intends to contribute to continuity and productivity in the scriptwriting process, and further to ensure a diverse repertoire of scripts, addressing different target groups. The scheme may give grants to scripts for feature films, documentaries, drama series and interactive productions.

In 2017 NOK 7.3 million was allocated to the development of 59 different projects.

Table 19 Other support schemes

Common promotion initiatives at international venues

The common initiatives are implemented by or in close co-operation with Norwegian producers and have enhanced the visibility for Norwegian productions and the Norwegian film industry. In 2017, it was given grants for promotional activities at events including IDFA in Amsterdam (documentaries), Nordisk Panorama in Malmø (documentaries and short films), Annecy in France (animations), New Nordic Films in Haugesund (feature films) and Nordic Game Conference in Malmø (games). The scheme was initiated in 2015.

Regional film centres and funds

Since 2014, the Norwegian Film Institute has been responsible for payments, follow- up and control of funding to regional film centres and funds. In 2017, approximately NOK 75 million was allocated to ten film centres and funds according to given criteria. Viken Filmsenter was granted NOK 13 million, Vestnorsk Filmsenter NOK 11 million, Nordnorsk Filmsenter and Mediefondet Zefyr NOK nine million each, NOK six million to Filminvest 3 and Filmkraft Fond, NOK five million to Midtnorsk filmsenter – and NOK four million to Filmfond Nord, Østnorsk Filmsenter and Sørnorsk Filmsenter.