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Norwegian Film Institute / Film House switchboard

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Communication Adviser: Jakob Berg (Telephone: + 47 97197766)
E-mail: jakob.berg[@]

Communication, Insight and International relations

Head of Department: Stine Helgeland 
Incentive Scheme & Co-productions: Dag Asbjørnsen
Feature Films: Stine Oppegaard 
Short films & documentaries: Toril Simonsen 
Series & games; Dag Asbjørnsen

Development & Production:

Head of Department Lars Løge
Head of Production Section: Kaja Hench Dyrlie 
Head of Development Section: Elin Erichsen

Cinemateque, Film Culture & Education:

Head of Department Julie Ova 
Head of Cinemateket: Jan Langlo

Ticket office Cinemateket: + (Opening hours: 10:00-21:00)
e-mail: cinemateket[@]

Customer Service

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 08.00-16.00
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