Norsk filminstitutt

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) is a public institution operating under the authority of the Ministry of Culture.  NFI is the government’s executive body for the film sector and its advisor on film policy issues. Our main task is to put the government’s film policy into practice.

The NFI is managed by CEO Kjersti Mo.

Meld. St. 39 (2014­–2015), a white paper on a film policy for the future, gave the Norwegian Film Institute the following mandate:

NFI shall contribute to:

  • A wide and varied selection of high-quality films
  • Good information and availability to the public
  • Solid audience figures
  • A professional film industry with healthy finances

NFI has 87 employees.


Strategic Staff

  • External and internal communication
  • Insight and analysis
  • Juridical  
  • Strategic co-operation
  • Government relations and management dialogue
  • Strategic projects and project management  

Development, Video Games, and Audience insight

  • Manage the focus on development of film, series, and video games, including the professional responsibility for the development process
  • Responsibility for commitment to video games and related arrangements 
  • The MEDIA desk 
  • Audience insight and promotion in Norway
  • Talent development and UP 2.0 
  • Diversity work
  • Professional responsibility for competence-enhancing initiatives in a creative industry
  • Encourage development in all formats, and ensure platform neutrality.
  • Responsibility for the following funding programmes: Screenplay development, immersion of ideas (vip) 
  • Strong contact with the industry, and industry professionals, on a regional and national level
  • The department is responsible for the following support schemes: Neo/talent development, artistic assessment of both development and production, including short films, documentary films, drama series, feature films, production of drama series after consultant assessment. In addition, launch funding, travel grants, competence-enhancing initiatives for a creative industry, UP 2.0.

Production and International Relations

  • Pursue the ambition of increased external funding of Norwegian projects, including positioning and market insight.
  • Responsibility for international relations and promotion, including facilitating participation and making Norwegian productions visible in international arenas, markets, and funding forums.
  • Strong regional, national, and international contact with the industry and professionals.  
  • Processing of application for grants for development, production, and international promotion following professional assessment of productions. 
  • Responsibility for co-ordination of international work in the NFI, as well as contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,- Norway’s Diplomatic missions abroad, and Norwegian Arts Abroad.
  • Responsibility for NFI’s festival distribution. 
  • The department is responsible for the following support schemes: The Market Programme, Framework Grants 1 and 2, Ex- Post Support, Co-production, Coronavirus Stimulus Programmes, Funding for Regional Film Centres and Funds, the Incentive Programme, The Norwegian South Film Fund, Market Access Support, Promotional support for short films,  documentaries, feature films and drama series,  travel grants for festivals, tThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ expert support. 

Film and Society

  • Running the Oslo Cinematheque.
  • Extended social responsibility and a broader perspective around the presentation of Norwegian and international stories, with increased focus on participation, involvement, arenas, environment, and sustainability.
  • The professional responsibility for NFI’s commitment to children, youth and diversity, including, among other things, the facilitation of a higher contribution from the funds in this field to the increased involvement of children and youth, a higher degree of diversity of expression, form, and contents, and making a greater social difference.   
  • Promote dialogue with society through cooperation with schools, libraries, and other institutions on the use of films and games in tuition and presentations.
  • Strong regional and national contact with the industry and professionals.
  • The department is responsible has the responsibility for the following support schemes: The distribution of foreign films in Norway, Norwegian film festivals, events and screenings, operation of Cinematheque and film club activities, initiatives in order to strengthen communication competence and national profiling efforts.

Digitalisation and Administration

  • The overall responsibility for HR, economy, acquisitions, digitalisation, documentation, and operation. 
  • The overall responsibility for financial management.
  • Commitment to digitalisation.
  • The overall responsibility for NFI’s budget, accounts, and financial reporting.
  • Owner of NFI’s procurement processes, administrative systems and agreements.
  • Seek out potential cooperation partners in the effort to modernise public activities and the funding of innovation projects in this field.