In the spring of 2009, the two Norwegians Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland cross the border to Eastern Congo. A few days later, the news is out that their hired driver has been found murdered. Following several nights on the run in the mighty Congolese jungle, the two of them are apprehended, and sentenced to death.   

After four long years in prison, Tjostolv Moland is found dead in his cell, and Joshua French is suspected of having killed his best friend. In our meeting with the dispirited Joshua French, the film takes us on a journey back to a mystery which has been the subject of all kinds of speculations. Dubbed “The Congo Case,” the fateful events in the Congolese jungle develop into a politically and diplomatically sensitive symbolic issue, which for a long time appears to be unsolvable.   

Production and distribution

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Friland Produksjon AS
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Garagefilm International
Nimbus Film ApS
Executive producer:
Lone Korslund
Christian Fredrik Martin
Asle Vatn
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TrustNordisk ApS


  • Marius Holst

    Marius Holst (b. 1965) was educated at the London International Film School. His diploma film Visiting Hours (1990) won the BBC Drama Award Grand Prix Potier. It was also nominated for the national film award Amanda for Best Short Film, as well as for the Student Academy Award in Los Angeles.

    His first feature film Cross my Heart and Hope to Die (1994) was a box-office success in Norway, and went on to become an international festival hit, winning numerous awards – including the Prix de Montreal (for best first fiction feature) at the World Film Festival in Montreal, and the Blue Angel Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1995.

    His second feature, Dragonflies, was released in 2001, with Mirush following in 2007. Both films garnered both critical acclaim and their share of awards, and firmly established Holst as one of Norways most noteworthy film directors in the new millennia. Holst only added to this notion with the release of his biggest undertaking yet, The King of Devils Island, in 2010 – yet again to both critical acclaim and box-office success.  

    Holst has also made numerous award-winning commercials, and is a co-founder and owner of the successful production company 4 ½, along with fellow director Pål Sletaune and producers Turid Øversveen and Håkon Øverås. Established in 1998, the company produces both feature films and commercials.

    Marius Holst


Aksel Hennie
Tobias Santelmann
Ine Jansen
Dennis Storhøi
Tone Danielsen
Anthony Oseyemi
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Christoffer Staib


Marius Holst
Stephen Uhlander
Nikolaj Frobenius
John Andreas Andersen
Sverrir Kristjansson
Vidar Flataukan
Oliver Bugge Couttè
Søren Ebbe
Johan Söderqvist

Technical information

DCP 2k
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