The childhood dream that became a nightmare.

- Since nothing can keep us together, nothing can keep us apart.

Three men in their mid-fifties are on tour again. They have fans of all ages and sell out big arenas around the world. They travel in black Mercedes, each their own, stay in luxury hotels and have separate wardrobes each night behind the scenes. The only time they are together is on stage. We follow Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar closely with our observational cameras. Our mission is to find out why the three childhood friends have ended up being so cold to each other. Something is rotten, but what is it?

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Motlys A/S
Yngve Sæther


  • Thomas Robsahm

    Thomas Robsahm (b. 1964) has extensive experience in the Norwegian film industry. Starting out as a young actor in Svend Wam's Five days in August in 1973, he has since built himself a career as one of Norways most prolific writer-directors and producers, working in both short and feature films, as well as documentaries and television series'.

    After spending much of his youth as an actor in various films - many of them directed by the directing duo Svend Wam and Petter Vennerød - and working as an assistant director, assistant editor, production assistant, continuity script and public relations consultant, he made his directorial debut with the short The Gun Club in 1987. His debut as a feature film director came with the action-filled crime-drama Rebels with a Cause in 1992, and was the first of many successful films, both fiction features and documentaries, directed by Robsahm - such as the feature lenght documentary The Mosquito (1996), the award-winning S.O.S. (1999) and Modern Slavery (2009), as well as his contribution to the portmanteau film Utopia - Nobody is Perfect in the Perfect Country (2002); the frame story of the entire film, entitled Lasse's Dream.  Robsahm also worked for the youth division of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK from 1993 to 1994, and has also directed several music videos for popular Norwegian bands.

    He established his own production company Speranza Film AS in 1995 (now co-owned by acclaimed director Margreth Olin), and has since also produced numerous feature and documentary films for other directors, in addition to his own films - including critically acclaimed, award-winning and audience favorites such as Thrane's Method (Unni Straume, 1998), My Body (Margreth Olin, 2002), It´s Hard To Be A Rock´n Roller (Gunhild Asting, 2006) and The Angel (Margreth Olin, 2009)

    Since the spring of 2009 Robsahm has served as commissioning consultant for feature films at the Norwegian Film Institute.

    Thomas Robsahm
  • Aslaug Holm

    Aslaug Holm (b. 1965) has directed about ten documentary films, and photographed more than 40 others, many of which have become award-winning. An example of one of the successful and acclaimed productions she has worked on is the most successful documentary ever to be theatrically released in Norway, Cool & Crazy (2001), on which she worked as both cinematographer and editor.

    She also directed the film The Rich Country, which premiered in 2006, following Jens Stoltenberg in the time leading up to him being elected Prime Minister in September of 2005. The film was awarded the FIPRESCI-award at the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF), where it also had its premiere.

    Aslaug Holm


Thomas Robsahm
Aslaug Holm
Thomas Robsahm

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