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All Foreigners Keep Their Curtains Closed is an honest, funny and warm slice-of-life story about identity, loss, love and emerging sexuality. We follow 15-year old Mariana’s journey from being a typical irresponsible teenager who just goes with the flow to becoming a strong young woman who stands up – not only for herself, but also for those around her.

Mariana (15) is trying her best to get by in her Oslo suburb. Things are tense at home with her brother in the army, while her love life and friendship status aren’t simplifying anything.  

All Foreigners Keep Their Curtains Closed is a funny drama about adolescence, identity, loss, love and emerging sexuality. The slice-of-life story is about Mariana (15) who grows up in a multi-ethnic part of Oslo's east side, in an environment where girls have to fight for their right to be themselves in a male chauvinist youth universe. Mariana is annoyingly in love with Ali2, the schools fuckboy who is always surrounded by one blonde too many. The new kid in class, David, is given a hard time for being gay. When older brother, Hector, decides to make something for himself, and joins the Norwegian Armed Forces on a mission in Afghanistan, Mariana´s family is left with an emotional hole-in-the-heart. The situation leaves Mariana growing from a typical irresponsible teenager to becoming a strong young woman who starts taking responsibility. She becomes the girl who stands up both for herself as well as for those around her. 

Director Ingvild Søderlind about her film

Using teenage girl Mariana’s first infatuation, her longing for her big brother, and her gradual development of empathy for her younger brother, I want to create a film that will make young girls stand up straight and be proud of who they are. All Foreigners Keep Their Curtain Closed depicts a vibrant youth scene in one of Oslo’s multi-cultural suburbs. I grew up in an environment like this myself, and I feel strongly about portraying it with warmth and love, in its true complexity. The story has so many layers; I want humour, gravity, longing, and desire to intermingle and rub elbows in a visually and idiomatically playful movie. Parts will be hilarious, but it should never veer into parody – because I believe that adolescence deserves to be portrayed with depth and understanding. I want the audience to root for Mariana as she gradually changes from someone who goes with the flow into someone who acts consciously and makes a difference. The film also has a clear subtext of feminism, with strong female characters who demand to be respected for who they are, and not be judged for how they look. Our aim is for All Foreigners Keep Their Curtain Closed to be a film that appeals to a large segment of young people — this is a film made to, and for, them. The film is to be accessible while at the same time be intelligent, profound, and vulnerable, and it will speak to all young people, regardless of ethnic origin.

Production and distribution

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Miso film Norge AS
Co production company:
Storyline Studios
Financing company:
Norwegian Film Institute
Miso film Norge AS
Storyline Studios
SF Studios AS
Joker Norge
Executive producer:
Are Heidenstrøm
Peter Bose
Jonas Allen
Cecilie Aspenes
Line producer:
Bjørn Fjærestad
Co producer:
Janne Hjeltnes
Film consultant:
Ståle Stein Berg


  • Ingvild Søderlind

    Ingvild Søderlind (b. 1975) graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland (The Scottish Film School) in 2002. She has made several short films, commercials and documentaries. Her short film Jenny premiered in Berlinale Generation 14+ in 2010 and has been screened in more than 40 film festivals. All Foreigners Keep Their Curtains Closed is Ingvild Søderlind´s first feature film.  

    Ingvild Søderlind


Karen Øye
Cengiz Al
Serhat Yildrim
Deniz Nourizadeh-Lillabadi
Jonatan Rodriguez


BUFF International Children and Young People's Film Festival
The Young Film Jury’s Award
BUFF Nordic Star to Karin Øye


Buster - Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth
Nordic Film Days Lübeck
BUFF International Children and Young People's Film Festival
Noordelijk Film Festival


Ingvild Søderlind
Hilde Susan Jægtnes
Based on:
Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner
Oskar Dahlsbakken
Kristoffer Hergum
Kristian Skar Frøysaa
Vidar Flataukan
Kate Havnevik
Ragnhild Juliane Sletta
Set Decorator:
Tormod Fuglestad
Costume Designer:
Isabella Leikanger Mork
Sound Design:
Yvonne Stenberg
Sound Recording:
Vegard Ronæss Soldal
First assistant director:
Vilde Ingskog
Dara Van Dusen
Ally H. Bjørnstad
Camilla Glaister
Freddy Milania
Still photographer:
Julianne Leikanger

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