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 A film about two brothers, Chana and Heng, who produce romantic music videos in the bustling capitol Phnom Penh. With their youth spent in the endless yellow corn fields of rural Cambodia, and the present in a traffic-jammed progressive urban city, we get an insight into the victories and struggles of a post-war Cambodia.

Chana (31) and Heng’s (18) everyday life consists of rushing around from location to location, filming made-up young women and men through soft filters, performing romantic social commentary pop ballads that eventually make their way to the competitive markets of the Youtube-subscription and Facebook likes war – where the dream is to break through the noise, become the next superstar, and make big money.

Little brother Heng is an amputee, he lost both his arms in a tragic mine explosion back in their home village Tartok 8 years ago. Heng is remarkably capable, having only stumps for arms. But he is also a teenager, stubborn and full of insecurities – which is amplified in the seemingly perfect world of superficial “wannabe’s”. Big brother Chana has been given the task of caring for Heng, making sure he does not suffer discrimination from his disability and ending up a beggar on the streets.

Juggling between the two different worlds: the world of farming and tradition; pure but boring, versus the world of modern competitive life; dirty but full of opportunity, will the brothers be able to break through the taboos and will Heng ever succeed on his own with only stumps for arms? This is a film about overcoming physical disability in post-war Cambodia, where the story of these brothers mirrors the world of post Khmer Rouge after decades of civil war. 

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Ten Thousand Images
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Norwegian Film Institute
Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas
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Helle Hansen


  • Zaradasht Ahmed

    Director & DOP Zaradasht Ahmed (b. 1968) is a Kurdish/Norwegian filmmaker, born and raised in northern Iraq. He made the award-winning documentary The Road to Diarbakir and has extensive experience in documentary filmmaking in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. His last film about the illegal refugees trying to make it to Europe (for SVT), Fata Morgana, was presented at Eurodok in Oslo, 2013, as well as most festivals in Norway.

    Zaradasht Ahmed


Zaradasht Ahmed

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