Reiulf Aleksandersen is an ethnic Norwegian. He has dreamt of owning reindeer ever since he was a little boy, but according to Norwegian law, only persons of Sami descent may head a reindeer herd. But a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself when a Sami woman retires and offers Reiulf and his Sami wife, Risten, her reindeer herd. Not everybody wants him to succeed.

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f(x) produksjoner AS
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Norwegian Film Institute
Benedikte Bredesen


  • Fridtjof Kjæreng

    Fridtjof Kjæreng (b. 1964) has twenty years experience as a director and producer in the Norwegian film and TV industry. He studied philosophy at the University in Tromsø, Norway, and after a year of Film- and TV studies in Australia he completed his film and TV education in 1987 at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's in-house school for TV production. Before establishing his own company, f(x) productions, in 1996, Kjæreng worked many years for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), working on all sorts of productions ranging from multi-camera studio and OB locations and simulcasts, to serving as producer and/or director on their in-house documentary-productions.

    He is regarded as one of the most progressive directors working in Norway today, and has had several successful films and television series' since he started producing independently. In 2005, his successful series Across Canada was broadcast on the NRK1-channel, and was awarded the national "Gullruten" award, the Norwegian equivalent of the Emmy. The same year his film King Hussain of Pakistan - Queen Asia of Norway won The European TV award "Prix Europa Iris" for best multicultural documentary in Europe. The film was also nominated to the Norwegian National Film Award Amanda. Kjæreng has also served as a member of the "Gullruten"-jury, as well as in the documentary film jury at the Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad in 2006.

    His documentaries also include films like Hussain’s Butcher Shop (2000) and Fuckin’ Rock’n’ Rolla (2002), but his arguably most known production is the 2010 film The Snow Cave Man, which became an audience hit in Norwegian cinemas.

    Fridtjof Kjæreng


TIFF - Tromsø International Film Festival
Human International Documentary Film Festival


Fridtjof Kjæreng

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