Dag Season 4 Tagline: To those few who have dared to really live, death appear less frightening

If life can be looked upon as a carousel, the three seasons of DAG has given it's main characters the choice to be bystanders who sees the wheel spin along without them, or having them jump on at full speed. In Season four of this dark ridden dramedy series and it´s take on life with love and angst for humantiy, the characters has been strapped forcefully to the carousell horse with nowhere to escape. Pretty much like life itself forces us to spin until we fall off one by one. This all star nordic cast assembled, throws themselves into this whirlwind of emotions, humor and insanity with their hearts on their sleeves at brute force. 

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Viafilm AS
Kamerakameratene AS
Anders Tangen
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Nordic World AS


  • Tuva Novotny

    The established actress Tuva Novotny (Borg/McEnroe, Annihilation) was episodic director on the Norwegian TV-shows Dag (4 episodes), and Lilyhammer (1 episode) and makes a leap into feature filmmaking with BLIND SPOT, based on her own original script.   

    DIRECTOR      2018 BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE (post-production)  2018 BLINDSPOT  2010-2015  DAG (TV series, 4 episodes)  2014 LILYHAMMER (TV-series, 1 episode)      

    ACTRESS    2018 Intrigo: Death of an Author (post-production)  2018 Annihilation  2017 Borg 2016 Nobel (Tv series)  2016 Kongens nei  2016 Rosemari  2010-2015 Dag (Tv series)  2015 Krigen  2015 Afvej (short)  2013-2014 Kødkataloget (Tv series)  2014 Kaptein Sabeltann og skatten i Lama Rama  2013 Tragedi på en lantkyrkogård  2013 Farliga drömmer  2013 Rosor kyssar och döden  2013 Ine flera mord  2012 The Spiral  2012 Fuck Up  2011 ID:A 2010 Med lukkede øjne  2010 Sandheden om mænd  2010 Eat – pray – love  2010 Bröderna Karlsson  2010 För kärleken  2010 Ett tyst barn (short)  2009 Simon & Malou  2009 Bröllopsfotografen  2009 Original  2009 183 days (TV series)  2008 Possession  2008 Der Kommissar und das Meer (TV series)  2008 Irene Huss (TV series)  2008 Kandidaten  2007  Den sorte Madonna  2006 Snakkhanar (TV Mini-series)  2006  Swimming (short)  2006 Små mirakel och stora  2006 No.2 2005 Bang Bang Orangutang  2005 Stoned  2005 Fyra veckor I juni  2005 Flyd mine tårer (short)  2005 Blizko nebe  2005 Unge Andersen  2004 Familien Andersen  2004  I vätan på regn  2004 Dag og natt  2004 The Return of the Dancing Master  2004 Stratosphere Girl  2003 Kommer du med mig då 2003  Smala Sussie  2003 Norrmalmstrog  2003 Midtsommer 2002 Den usynlige  2001 Anja (short)  2000 Herr con Hancken (TV Mini-series)  2000 Naken  2000 Jalla! Jalla!  2000 Sleepwalker  1996-1999 Skilda världar (TV series)  1996 Bullen (TV series)   

    Tuva Novotny
  • Øystein Karlsen

    Øystein Karlsen is the writer/director behind the Norwegian hit series DAG. Season 1, 2 and 3 has all been an instant hit with the tv-audiences and received rave reviews from an eclectic critics choir who was fascinated by Karlsens dark written, warm, absurd comedy and the innovative style of the filmmaker. Karlsen started his career as a carpenter, lied his way into becoming a radio host at the age of 21, moved on to head the marketing department at NRK (Norway`s public broadcaster), quit his day job because he could´t stand long meetings, and started writing scripts and direct commercials instead. DAG has so far received 16 Norwegian Emmy nominations, has been sold to eleven countries, and 20thCentury Fox Tv-departement bought the re-make rights for North America, making DAG the first Norwegian TV-series ever to be sold to the US market. Karlsen feature film debut " Fuck Up" premiered in February 5th 2012 to great reviews. The low budget movie immediately was tipped as ”pick of the year” by two leading Norwegian Newspapers. After US festival screenings, the American film magazine Twitch films picked the movie to head it´s top ten list for 2012 and voted Karlsen among the top five new directors to look out for in 2013. 

    Øystein Karlsen


Benedict Skovrand:
Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Dag Refsnes:
Atle Antonsen
Malin Skog:
Agnes Kittelsen
Eva Holstad:
Tuva Novotny
Rolf Lassgård


Tuva Novotny
Øystein Karlsen
Kristopher Schau
Øystein Karlsen
Pål Bugge Haagenrud
Simen Gengenbach
Steve Wynn

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