Norsk filminstitutt

The International Sámi Film Institute (ISFI) was established in 2014 following a restructure of the International Sámi Film Center (founded in 2007).

The initial capital was 1,5 million NOK provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, and an additional 300.000 NOK from the Norwegian Sámi Parliament. The ISFI is owned by the Sámi Parliament, Norway, and Kautokeino Municipality.

The objectives of the ISFI is to

  • maintain and develop the Sámi film production,
  • improve professional skills in the Sámi film industry and the population in general,
  • channel funding to professional Sámi filmmakers and film companies, including feature films and TV series,
  • finance the development of Sámi film ideas and improve production terms and conditions,
  • promote indigenous films internationally and foster collaboration between indigenous filmmakers worldwide.

Further information

International Sámi Film Institute
Box 203
9521 Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino