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Eurimages is the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe, with 37 member states, including Norway. Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support to feature films, animations and documentaries produced in Europe. In doing so, it encourages co-operation between professionals in different European countries. Eurimages has a total annual budget of €25 million. This financial framework derives essentially from the contributions of the member states as well as returns on the loans it issues. The Norwegian Film Institute handles Norway’s representation in Eurimages, and the NFI therefore has one member on the Eurimages Board of Management.

Creative Europe

The European Commission’s MEDIA programme, aims to support the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sector. The Norwegian Film Institute is the host organization of one of the two sub-programmes, the MEDIA-programme. The MEDIA programme offers financial support for the audiovisual sector, through fifteen different funding schemes. The different funding schemes encourage the film, TV and games industry to operate across Europe, to reach new audiences and to develop the skills needed in the digital age. By helping European audiovisual works to reach audiences in other countries, the programme also contributes to safeguarding cultural and linguistic diversity.

The Culture sub-programme is administered by The Arts Council Norway / Kulturrådet.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond

Nordisk Film & TV Fond is based in Oslo, and its primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), by providing support for top-up financing of feature films, TV fiction/drama series and creative documentaries. They can provide funding for Special Initiatives and Strategic Development (such as Nordic Genre Boost). Nordisk Film & TV Fond is funded by 17 partners: the Nordic Council of Ministers, five national film institutes/funds and 11 public service and private TV stations within the region. The annual budget is approximately NOK 100 million (€10,500,000).