Norsk filminstitutt

You may apply for funding of collective launch events and initiatives in international arenas.

Application deadlines

We evaluate applications on an ongoing basis, but they must be submitted no later than six weeks before the start of the festival or sales market in question.

Who can apply?

Organizations (e.g. international festivals, sales markets, trade shows) responsible for arranging, coordinating and carrying out industry events and initiatives.

Eligible Cost

Relevant costs may include:

  • Venue hire
  • Receptions and presentations
  • Collective material (i.e. catalogues) and advertising
  • Project director/coordinator
  • Marketing/PR

Funding conditions

That the launch occurs in a recognised, professional international arena

Applications must contain

  • Launch plan with description of strategy, goals, target groups and events or initiatives
  • Description of partners
  • Description of launch arena
  • Applicant’s relevant experience and track record
  • Budget and funding plan