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Below you find a guide for applicants for the Incentive scheme. 


  • Applications must be submitted in Norwegian or in English
  • Applications must be submitted to The Norwegian Film Institute before the start of the production in Norway
  • Fields in the application form marked by an asterisk * are mandatory
  • Please note: if any mandatory field remains incomplete, the form will not validate successfully and it will not be possible to submit your application.
  • No changes can be made to the application form after submission. 
  • If there is a need to clarify certain aspects, The Norwegian Film Institute may contact the applicant for this purpose.

Applicants will receive an auto-reply when the online application form is submitted. 
Any information about the application should be sent to:

Application form guidelines

1. Contact information, Main producer

Please fill in information about the main production company and the main/leading producer. If there is more than one main producer, fill in information about the producer authorized to represent the organisation in legally binding agreements.

The main producer will receive an email confirmation from NFI once the submitted documents have been approved.

The main production company´s Certificate of Registration must be uploaded. (The document could be a Certificate of Incorporation/Origin or an extract from the official gazette/trade register, for Norwegian companies; Brønnøysundattest).

The main producer´s CV and/or the track record of the main production company should document that the main producer has produced at least one widely distributed work in the course of the last five years.

2 . Contact information, applicant

If the applicant is not the main producer, this section needs to be filled in. The applicant will receive an email confirmation from NFI once the submitted documents have been approved.

If the applicant is not the main producer, a declaration/statement from the main producer authorizing the applicant to apply on his/her behalf must be uploaded.

If the main producer is the applicant, please fill in the same email address under section 1 and 2 marked with an asterisk*

3 . Project information

Documentation of ownership of rights must be uploaded. The main producer must document that they hold the majority of the rights for the entire duration of the production through an option agreement of transfer of rights, or a contract of transfer of rights.

  • Format:  Feature film, TV series.
  • Genre: Fiction, animation, or documentary.

Qualification test

Applicants should fill in their points and comments in the form based on their own evaluation of the project. The production advisor will then evaluate the qualification test. To qualify for a grant, the production must achieve the minimum required score in the qualification test. The minimum is 4 points in section 1 and a minimum of 20 points in total.

Screenplay/Script for series; please attach script or screenplay for one or two episodes.

A production schedule must be uploaded, the schedule should indicate the dates for the production in Norway.

The Cast and Crew list will be used for the evaluation of section 12 in the qualification test and should identify the artistic and technical staff involved in the production in Norway.

List of organisations and subcontractors involved in the production in Norway and the EEA. The list should specify the names of the companies and organisations involved, any agreements entered into, and the nature of the services provided.

The distribution plan should include the international distribution and marketing strategy and should specify any agreements already entered into.

Applicants must upload an international distribution agreement or contract. Letters of Intent will be reviewed and may be accepted under certain circumstances.

4 . Financial information

The total production budget should be submitted as excel or pdf file in any currency. The total production budget should document that the production qualifies for the minimum sums defined in the regulations, section 6.

The budget for the production in Norway should be submitted as excel or pdf file in Norwegian Kroner. The budget should document that the production qualifies for the minimum spend requirement for all productions of NOK 2 million. The budget should be submitted without VAT and should not include costs that are not eligible.

The financing plan should be submitted and should specify private and public sources of income and the amount of confirmed/not-confirmed funding. The financing plan should document that at least 30% of the funding originates from international sources, outside of Norway.

5 . Other relevant attachments.

Any other documents supporting the application can be uploaded here.

For questions, contact Tina Fagerheim;

Technical assistance, Ragnhild Paalsrud;

Disclosure duty (regulations §14)

The applicant has a duty to provide The Norwegian Film Institute with all information it requires to process the application and evaluate the basis for the grant.

Once a decision to give a grant has been made, the grant recipient must on its own initiative notify any changes to the terms on which the grant is based. The grant recipient may not make material changes to the production or measure in question without submitting these to The Norwegian Film Institute in writing and obtaining its written approval.

Any information relating to §14 should be sent to:

Freedom of Information Act

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) operates under the auspices of The Royal Norwegian Ministry for Culture. As a governmental organization NFI are obliged to archive documents coming into and going out of our organization in a public registry.

Regulated by law of 2006 No. 16 relating to the right of access to documents held by public authorities and public undertakings (short title: Freedom of Information Act)

Information about the documents are generally public, so that the press and others have the right to access information upon request. Only metadata is visible in this registry, which means the name of document along with sender and recipient. The purpose of this Act is to facilitate an open and transparent public administration, and thereby strengthen freedom of information and expression, democratic participation, legal safeguards for the individual, confidence in the public authorities and control by the public. The Act shall also facilitate the re-use of public information. The NFI practice transparency in regards the organization's work.

When applicants apply for public funding a large amount of documentation are required and sent to the NFI. Information, such as trade secrets, commercial and/or financial information that upon exposure could lead to financial loss or impaired negotiation, will be considered confidential and be withhold by our legal team. We will contact applicants and producers for their evaluation of information in regards to transparency requirements.

To read more about the Freedom of Information act
Electronic Public Records (OEP)

List of attachments

The following annexes are mandatory and must be attached to the application form:

  • Certificate of registration, main production company
  • CV main producer
  • Main production company’s track record
  • If applicant is not main producer: Declaration from the main producer authorizing the applicant to apply on his/her behalf
  • Documentation of ownership of rights
  • Qualification test
  • Script/screenplay
  • Treatment/season outline
  • Production schedule
  • Cast & Crew list
  • List of locations
  • List of organisations and subcontractors involved in the production in Norway and the EEA
  • Distribution plan
  • International distribution agreement/contract
  • Total production budget
  • The budget for the production in Norway (in NOK)
  • Financing plan

Application form attachments - the following formats are accepted:

Category Filetype/name Program
Text document PDF  
  DOC/DOCX MS Office
  ODT Open Office
  RTF, TXT  
Other Office-formats XLS/XLSX MS Office
  ODS Open Office
  PPT/PPTX MS Office
  ODP Open Office
Images JPG, JPEG, PNG  
Film/video MP4, MOV