Norsk filminstitutt

Berlinale 2019: Every day, broadcasters are dealing with documentaries that confront our preconceived conceptions of the world. Many of these films are screened, but some are not. Others end up never being made. What are the obstacles that keep controversial content away from our screens?


Sun, Feb. 10 | 10.30-12.00

Is it self-censorship within the channels, or bad filmmaking? Is fact checking too expensive and time consuming, or are simply the audiences turning away from challenging content?

How can filmmakers collaborate better with the broadcasters in order to provide challenging and important films? We watch clips from upcoming documentary Meet the Censors by HÃ¥vard Fossum and engage in a conversation with commissioning editor Norbert Hahn (Die Story- WDR) and commissioning editor, renowned journalist and documentary filmmaker Odd Isungset.