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Berlinale 2019: Norway is experiencing a new dawn for documentary production, and the quality of Norwegian docs has risen far beyond our local market. During this event six amazing docs in development or production will be presented for a panel of decision makers and an audience.


Wed, Feb. 13 | 09.00-12.00

During the last five years, we have seen an exponential growth, resulting in sales to all territories and numerous international awards, including top prizes at IDFA and HotDocs. These are the new documentaries that will be presented in Berlin:



A self-reflexive meta-documentary, Diagnonsense begins with filmmaker Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgard who was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders over a fifteen-year period, and prescribed a staggering number of psychotropic medications.

Ten years ago, she embarked on the first of many attempts to make a film about living with a mental disorder, but each effort was cut short due to new diagnoses, new medications, and new side effects. Now, having weaned herself off the drugs, and obtaining a critical distance from her diagnoses, she is ready to tell her story and to challenge the very need for psychological labeling.

Director Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård
Screenplay Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård
Producer Andrew Grant and Øyvind Gregersen for Mattima Films

Sound of Ice

Sound of Ice

What is the sound of ice? And what is it trying to tell us? Musician Terje Isungset, travels the world looking for the answer. Crafting his instruments purely from ice, Terje´s sound is decided by nature. Just like mankind´s survival.

Director Tommy Gulliksen
Screenplay Tommy Gulliksen and Anne Marte Blindheim
Producers Benedikte Danielsen & Eirin O. Høgetveit for Norsk Fjernsyn AS

Oh, it Hertz!


Laurie Amat is a musician on a mission: To reveal how we all are manipulated by sound. What she didn't know was that Nazis were involved.  There is a myth that the Nazis during the war pushed through a new standard for tuning musical instruments. They changed it`s Hertz level, because they believed it would be easier to manipulate people.  This is the music we still listen to today.

To unveil the myth we will meet passionate characters showing how sound affects us. Amat will lead the way with memories, humour and anecdotes. Why do certain sounds mean so much to us? And what is the very last sound you want to hear in your life?


Director Gunnar Hall Jensen
Screenplay Gunnar Hall Jensen, Kristian Stangebye and Elin Sander
Producers Christian Falch & Torstein Parelius for UpNorth Film



By accident journalist Lena-Christin Kalle discovers that thousands of Norwegian women and girls were imprisoned in camps all over Norway after WW2 for their love affairs with German soldiers. She starts digging into the story and discovers that all of the documents on how the authorities treated these women are classified by the Norwegian National Archives.

Unforgivable is a journalistic thriller following Lena through her investigation to access the secret archives. Through interviews with witnesses and helpers along the way, a horrible story about systematic abuse and misdeeds is revealed.

Director Lena-Christin Kalle
Screenplay Lena-Christin Kalle and Elisabeth Kleppe
Producer Elisabeth Kleppe for Aldeles AS

The Painter and the Thief

The painter and the Thief

When two paintings are stolen from artist Barbora Kysilkova, the police catch the thieves after a few days. But the paintings are not found. Barbora attends the court hoping for clues, but instead she ends up asking the thief, drug-addict Karl-Bertil Nordland, if she can paint him. From this point on an unlikely friendship and a surprising story evolves - the story of an artist searching for her stolen paintings, and at the same time slowly turning the thief into art.

The documentary is filmed over the course of three years, following the friendship and a story which takes unexpected twists and turnes on it's way.

Director Benjamin Ree
Screenplay Benjamin Ree
Producer Ingvil Giske for Medieoperatørene AS

Piraya 2013-6

Piraya 2013_6

Due to the security of the film’s participants we cannot reveal much about the film at this time. However,we look forward to showing you the full trailer, and tell you all about our film at the event.


Director Ola Waagen
Screenplay Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Torstein Grude and Ola Waagen
Producers Bjarte Mørner Tveit and Torstein Grude for Piraya Film