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Norwegian Ninjababy is a hit among younger Germans as well. Now the partly animated feature film has been shown in the competition program Generation 14 plus at the film festival in Berlin, and received a Special Mention by the jury.


Statement of the Youth Jury at Generation 14 plus:

This film has made a strong impression on us due to its humorous honesty on a subject that remains taboo in patriarchal societies. The inner vortex of emotions accompanying an unwanted pregnancy is articulated on screen through lively animation and evocative acting, thereby bearing witness to the feminist message, both artistically and dramaturgically.

Premiere this week

Yngvild Sve Flikke's Ninjababy had its Norwegian cinema premiere last week, but had its international premiere for the film industry and the press at the digital European Film Market in Berlin in March 2021. The award ceremony from the festival which usually takes place in February and public auditions of Ninjababy will take place during a "Berlinale Summer Special" from 9 to 20 June.

The Generation 14 plus program is, as the name implies, for movies for a younger audience over 14 years. And now it is clear that the youth jury for the Generation 14 plus jury has chosen to give Ninjababy a "Special Mention". Ninjababy also received the audience award at the Tromsø International Film Festival in January.

About Ninjababy

When 23-year-old Rakel, only when she is six months on the road, discovers that she is pregnant after a little romantic one-night stand, her life is turned upside down. Rakel has never wanted to be a mother and reacts with denial, anger and frustration. When Ninjababy soon crawls out of Rachel's wallets and out of her mind, it does not take long before he realizes that he must fight for his own future. Rakel, on the other hand, has to navigate between what she thinks is best for herself and what is best for her child - or is it perhaps the same? It is produced by Yngve Sæther in Motlys, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute and the Nordic Film and Television Fund. Ninjababy is Sve Flikke's second film. The first was Women in oversized men's shirts, which was shown at the Gothenburg Film Festival.

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