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The Norwegian Film Institute freezes all cooperation with Russian authorities, but will support independent cultural actors.

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The NFI strongly condemns Russia's military attack and war in Ukraine and will express our sympathy with the Ukrainian people during this difficult time.

The Norwegian Film Institute puts all cooperation with state-funded Russian actors and authorities on hold. This applies at national, regional and local government level, and at institutional level. This means that the NFI postpones activity, do not make contact or respond to invitations, or enter into new agreements.

Based on this, NFI will not deliver films to state-funded Russian festivals, and the Cinematheque does not book films from Russian companies or collaborate with Russian institutions and authorities. Norway has supported the decision of the European Film Academy to exclude Russia from the European Film Award, and will work to suspend Russia's participation in Eurimages.

We are now reviewing all our activities in light of the foreign policy situation and are assessing measures on an ongoing basis. At the same time, it is important for the NFI to adhere to fundamental principles, and we therefore clearly distinguish between what represents the Russian state and independent cultural actors.

Culture has a central role for freedom of expression and democratization, especially in wartime. Art knows no borders. It builds bridges and communities across borders, ethnicities and backgrounds. The use of sanctions and boycotts are some of the strongest tools being used in a united Western world right now. The voice of democracy, as artists, journalists and cultural actors, should be affected as little as possible by these sanctions. We should rather extend a hand to these, in order to contribute to the voices of those who oppose the Russian regime being heard. Russians who want to develop, create and disseminate important stories will be affected by sanctions, even if the intention is to hit the Russian authorities.

The NFI therefore wants to express solidarity and support to both the Ukrainian and Russian people who have not wanted this conflict. We hope that we can begin the important work of reconciliation as soon as possible.