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The Oslo-based Sweden-Finnish film director and screenwriter Johanna Pyykkö, who works all across the whole Nordic region, will have her feature debut in competition both in Premier Plans d'Angers and Gøteborg.

Foto. En ung gutt i bar overkropp ligger på sofaen og snakker med en jente som ser på han
Photo from My Wonderful Stranger. Photo: Eye Eye Pictures

The film is about Lonely 18-year-old Ebba who works in the port of Oslo. One evening, Ebba discovers a handsome man lying on the ground with a head injury. Realising that he has amnesia, she tricks him into believing that they are lovers and builds a world for them based on lies. But little by little, Ebba realises that hers may not be the worst deceit..

Oslo Pictures and Eye Eye Pictures are the main producers for My Wonderful Stranger, which is a Norwegian-French-Swedish co-production. The feature film has received funding from, among others, Eurimage, Arte France, Nordic Film and TV Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, NRK, and SVT.

In Gøteborg, My Wonderful Stranger is in the Nordic Competition, and in Premier Plans d'Angers the film is in Official Competition.

About Johanna Pyykkö

Johanna Pyykkö graduated from The Norwegian Film School in 2016, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film directing. Prior to these studies, Pyykkö studied screenwriting at Alma Screenwriters' Vocational College. She has participated in writers' rooms for several drama series and feature films, including writing episodes for the critically acclaimed Norwegian series Heimebane (Home Ground). She has also been an episode director for the Norwegian drama series Nach (The Afterparty) and directed commercials.

Johanna Pyykkö is now ready with her feature debut My Wonderful Stranger, whose script was nominated for the “Next Step Award,” presented during the Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival (2020). The script has also received the Arte Kino Award (2020) at MIA Rome.
Pyykkö`s short film The Manila Lover was presented at the 58th Critics' Week in Cannes in 2019.

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