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The Arctic Convoy, directed by Henrik M. Dahlsbakken, will celebrate its international premiere at Rotterdam International Film Festival. The captivating large scale action drama, inspired by true events, is set during the crucial stages of WW2 that took place in the freezing arctic sea.

Foto.Kollage av syv skuespillere fra filmen konvoi
Photo: Nordisk Film Production

The Arctic Convoy is directed by Henrik M. Dahlsbakken and written by Christian Sibenherz, Harald Rosenløw Eeg and Lars Gudmestad. Dahlsbakken, who is one of Norway`s most productive directors, also had his previous feature film, Munch, premiering in Rotterdam in January 2023.

"It is fantastic to be back with The Arctic Convoy already the year after Munch. The response from the festival is overwhelming, and I`m very thrilled to present The Arctic Convoy for the excited audience in Rotterdam”, says Dahlsbakken.

About The Arctic Convoy

In 1942, Hitler's war machine seems unstoppable. The Germans invade the Soviet Union and the situation looks dire. To prevent further losses, the Allies are forced to help. Convoys of civilian cargo ships filled to the brim with war material begins the perilous journey to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

Ships set off on a deadly journey for the onboard. Caught at sea without defense or war experience, civilian sailors come face to face with the German superior force in the brutal arctic sea. Now courage becomes their only lifeline!

The film is directed by Henrik M. Dahlsbakken and written by Christian Sibenherz, Harald Rosenløw Eeg & Lars Gudmestad. The The Arctic Convoy is produced by Martin Sundland, Catrin Gundersen and Thea Benedikte Karlsen for Fantefilm Fiksjon, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, in collaboration with Film In Väst and FilmInvest. Domestic distribution by Nordisk Film. International sales handled by TrustNordisk.

The Arctic Convoy had its domestic premiere on Dec 25th 2023.

Sold to the U.S and worldwide

The Arctic Convoy has been sold worldwide including the U.S. where Magnolia pictures has acuired the rights. The feature has not only been met with great interest from the U.S. but worldwide with sales to several European and Asian countries.

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