Norsk filminstitutt

The Norwegian Film Institute presents a prime collection of Norwegian indie games and companies, with a wide selection of genres and target groups.

Norwegian Games at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Experience vastly different environments – join Snufkin in a musical adventure in the Moominvalley, take control of a cybernetic wizard on a hectic elevator ride through a robot infested tower, feed tummies and souls with home cooked meals served from your food truck, bounce your team of hilarious Vikings on trampolines through all sorts of action-packed hurdles, or help your child in a story-driven nuture game based on true events.   

Please join us at the Norwegian Games booth to play both present and upcoming gems! 


A journey of flavors and friendships awaits you and your cozy, customisable food truck! Forage for fresh ingredients to create your own menu, then feed tummies and souls with home-cooked meals. Change the world, one apple at a time.

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My Child Lebensborn Remastered

Help your child, in a story-driven nurture game based on true events. Adopt a small child born of war and guide them through a harsh year of their life. You can make the difference.

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Savant - Ascent REMIX

Take control of a cybernetic wizard on a hectic elevator ride through a robot infested tower. Wield powerful spells and acrobatic super-powers, as reclaim your tower from a horde of mechanical fiends.

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Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Join Snufkin in this musical adventure about restoring harmony and balance to Moominvalley, protecting it from the industrious Park Keeper.

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Vikings On Trampolines

Stay on the trampolines and push your opponents off to win. Go on an amazing adventure with your friends, or battle each other through a variety of stages and game modes! Intuitive controls, one-handed gameplay!

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