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This scheme is designed to stimulate increased exports of Norwegian films by providing grants for the marketing and distribution of Norwegian films abroad. Grants are paid to the foreign distributor via the film’s Norwegian producer. This scheme is a continuation of a pilot project from 2022, and grant funds will be available throughout 2024.

Application deadlines

15. Mar 2024 at 12.00, 15. Oct 2024 at 12.00


Our grant schemes are authorised in accordance with the Norwegian regulations on support for audiovisual production. Please read the regulations before you apply. (in Norwegian)

Grants from this scheme are intended to help boost exports of Norwegian films through increased international sales and distribution, and generate extra revenue for the film’s producer. The scheme will also strengthen the international audience and market position for Norwegian films.

What can you apply for

You can apply for a grant for the international distribution of the film. Expenses must be clearly specified in the application. Expenses that can be covered are:

  • DCP and promotional materials.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Versioning and dubbing.
  • The distributor’s work with the relevant release can amount to up to 10 per cent of the budget.

You can apply for a grant for releasing the film in individual countries or territories abroad. The term territory means that the film is sold for distribution in a number of countries, such as the Nordic countries or the German-speaking part of Europe.

The maximum grant per film per country/territory is NOK 250,000. The total grant for one film in all countries/territories is maximum NOK 600,000. The minimum application amount is NOK 50,000. The grant may not exceed 50 per cent of the distributor’s approved budget. When calculating the distributor’s approved budget, funding from other grants may not be included as the distributor’s own contribution, such as local import funding or grants from Creative Europe.

Who can apply

The application must be submitted by the Norwegian production company that is the main producer of the film, who will also be the grant recipient. The application must be completed in collaboration with the foreign distributor, who prepares the budget, marketing plan and other documentation.

Terms and conditions for the grant

  • The film must qualify as a cultural product in accordance with section 1-4 of the Norwegian regulations on support for audiovisual production.
  • The film must be a feature film or a documentary with a duration of more than 60 minutes.
  • The distributor must be a company whose main focus is the distribution of films.
  • The film must be released in cinemas in the relevant country/territory. The film may also be released on other platforms, and expenses for this can be included in the budget.
  • The grant must not be used to cover costs for the purchase of rights/the minimum guarantee (MG).
  • The minimum guarantee , or the first payment must be paid out at the time of application.
  • The Norwegian Film Institute must be credited on the promotional material when the film is released in the relevant country/territory.
  • A complete application must be submitted prior to the film’s première in the relevant country/territory.
  • The applicant must be the main producer and have, or arrange, the necessary rights according to section 3-3 of the Norwegian regulations on support for audiovisual production.
  • The distributor must document the distribution rights in the relevant country/territory.

The film must be in its primary release phase, defined as one years before the film’s international première to two years after the film´s international première. If the film has not had an international première, the primary release phase is considered to be one year before the Norwegian première to two yers after the Norwegian première.

Important requirements for the application

The application must be submitted through NFI’s application portal and must contain:

  • Marketing plan and budget from the local distributor.
  • The distribution agreement between sales agent/producer and the distributor.
  • The local distribution company’s certificate of registration.
  • A list of films released by the distributor over the last two years, including the release platform and results admissions and/or box-office.
  • Documentation that the minimum guarantee, or the first payment, has been paid out.

The detailed requirements for the application can be found in the application portal.

Administrative procedures

Application processing time is normally 4–6 weeks. An adviser will process the application in consultation with the international release consultant.

Click here for a full overview of NFI’s application process. (in Norwegian)

Terms and conditions of disbursement and reporting

The grant will be paid to the film’s Norwegian producer after submission of a payment request. The production company will pay the grant to the local distribution company for the company to distribute the Norwegian film.

The final report must be delivered six months after the film’s première. The grant recipient must submit the following documents:


Hanne Merethe Okstad

Adviser International Relations

Hanne Merethe Okstad