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The film production incentive grants return on costs spent in Norway to international films and series produced entirely or partly in Norway. The incentive is aimed at Norwegian and foreign productions.

Application deadline

23. Nov 2023 at 12.00, 26. Nov 2024 at 12.00 CET


The film production incentive is regulated by the Regulation on financial incentives for the production of international films and series in Norway (the Regulation). Please read the Regulation before applying

The purpose of the incentive is to increase the number of international films and series produced in Norway in order to promote Norwegian culture, history and nature. The incentive is also designed to improve the experience and skills of the Norwegian and Sami film industry, stimulate growth, promote a sustainable Norwegian and Sami film industry and support international cooperation.

What may you apply for

You may apply for a refund of up to 25 % of approved production costs related to the production in Norway. The incentive applies to the production of fiction film, documentary films and series and drama series, produced entirely or partly in Norway. You may apply with more than one season of a series provided that you apply for each season in separate applications. The incentive also covers animated films, studio productions and post-production.

Approved costs are costs which arise in Norway and are paid to taxpayers in Norway. Svalbard and Jan Mayen are not considered Norway in this context. Costs which arise before the Norwegian Film Institute confirms receipt of the application will not qualify as approved costs. You can read more about approved costs in the article linked to at the bottom of the application guide.

Grant decisions are valid for 12 months, with the possibility of a one-year extension. The production in Norway must have started during this time period.

Who may apply

The main production company, or any person authorised by the company, may apply for the incentive.

Funding Criteria

The application must be submitted before the work for which the grant is applied for has started.

The production must be produced in whole or in part in Norway.

The main producer must have produced at least one film, drama series or documentary series in the previous five years. This production must have been screened publicly through at least one of the following channels: cinema distribution, wide television broadcast or correspondingly wide distribution via other platforms.

The production must have a total production budget of at least:

  • NOK 25 million for feature films
  • NOK 10 million for documentary films
  • NOK 10 million per episode for drama series
  • NOK 5 million per episode for documentary series

The production must have a budget showing a minimum consumption of approved costs in Norway of NOK 4 million.

The production must have a financing plan that includes at least 30 % international financing at the time of the submission of the application.

The production must be able to verify that it has concluded an international distribution agreement. A letter of intent for international distribution may be accepted following individual consideration.

An audio-visual production company must be established and registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises as a limited liability company. The company must be established specifically for the production to which the application relates. The company will bear financial responsibility for the production in Norway. The costs on the basis of which a grant is sought must be recorded in the accounts of this company, andthe reimbursement can only be paid to this company.

The production must achieve the minimum required score in the qualification test, cf. appendix 1 of the Regulation.

Important requirements for the application

Applications must be submitted before the start of the production in Norway. Applications must be submitted through the Norwegian Film Institute’s online application portal. The following list of requirements is not exhaustive. We refer to the online application portal for a complete overview of application requirements.

  • Documentation of film rights` agreements
  • International distribution agreement. A letter of intent regarding international distribution may be approved following individual consideration.
  • Previous results achieved by the main producer
  • Description of plot, content and genre for the production for which a refund is sought
  • Total production budget
  • Budget for the production in Norway
  • Financing plan specifying all the production`s private and public funding
  • Documentation that at least 30% of the funding comes from non-Norwegian funding sources. Unconfirmed financing is considered Norwegian if the production has a Norwegian main producer and international if the production has a foreign main producer. The part of a foreign company's distribution rights and investments linked to distribution in the Norwegian market is considered Norwegian.
  • Plan for the production in Norway including the date of the first and last day of the production
  • List of all artistic and technical staff connected to the production in Norway
  • Information about planned activity in Norway, locations and how the production contributes to strengthening the skills of Norwegian film workers and suppliers within the film industry
  • Plan for environmental measures in the production (Green production)
  • Self-assessment of the qualification test in accordance with the Regulation section 6 second paragraph

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Assessment and prioritization

The evaluation period is normally 6-8 weeks.
A production adviser at NFI processes the application.


Tina Beate Goa Fagerheim

Production Adviser Incentive Scheme and Sørfond
+47 416 71 012 

Tina Beate Goa Fagerheim