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The Norwegian Film Institute is now introducing a subsidy scheme for international distribution that will make it easier for distributors to market Norwegian films in their territories. 

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Article updated 09.09.22.

Through the new scheme, international distributors will be able to receive grants for the marketing and distribution of Norwegian films in their countries or territories. The scheme will contribute to increased sales revenues for Norwegian producers and that audience internationally will have the pleasure of experiencing Norwegian films in their cinemas.

Read about applying for the scheme here

Part of the stimulants for the pandemic

The funds for the scheme are part of the stimulus funds from the government that came to ease the results of the pandemic, and which, among other things, aim to contribute to increased distribution of Norwegian films internationally.

The scheme, which has a budget of NOK 5 million (Euro 500.000 approx.), is a pilot project in 2022. It has application deadlines of 15 August and 17 October 2022.

-We have great faith that this scheme will be well received by international distributors of Norwegian films and hence make it easier for Norwegian films get international distribution, says Dag Asbjørnsen, head of international relations at the Norwegian film institute.

Marketing and dubbing

The Norwegian film producer will have to submit the application in collaboration with the international distributor. Grants can be given for marketing and dubbing and general distribution in the relevant country or territory.

A Norwegian film that receives a grant through the scheme can receive a minimum of NOK 50.000 (Euro 5.000) and up to NOK 250.000 (25.000) per country or up to NOK 600.000 (Euro 60.000) for all countries


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Dag Asbjørnsen
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