New approaches in script-development in international context: the use of prewriting and healthy constraints

Mandag 2. desember
18:00 - 20:00
Filmens hus, Lillebil kino

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Target group: Directors, writer, producers

Why is script-development underestimated, wrongly understood and often badly driven by emerging writers & producers?
What is Conception phase vs writing phase?

This Masterclass is also a part of the Less is More Pre-writing workshop

Pierre Hodgson

Pierre Hodgson was born in London in 1959. After Oxford, he came to Paris where he was coordinator on Olivier Assayas’ first film and 1st AD to Raul Ruiz on TREASURE ISLAND, shot in Portugal. The next years were split between a job as a TV producer in London and screenwriting for Joao Canijo in Lisbon. Two of these films went to Un Certain Regard.

He continues to combine making documentaries with screenwriting, including Philippe Grandrieux’ SOMBRE, Randa Chahal’s INFIDELES and three features by Jerôme de Missolz. He has worked with Thomas Bidegain, Patricia Mazuy, Jean-Gabriel Periot and Marina de Van among others. He tutors at Le Groupe Ouest | European Film Lab since 2014.
Pierre is also a consultant for TorinoFilmLab Scriptlab.

About LIM:

LIM offers a new generation of filmmakers, already known either for their short films or first features, the opportunity of designing a strong route into limited budget feature film production.

The scheme (see LIM 2020) is open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd feature film projects, as well as to artists coming from strong theatre, documentary or visual arts backgrounds. Twelve emerging European producers wanting to strengthen their ability to develop projects within a low to micro budget frame are coached in parallel and integrate the process.

LIM does not define limited budgets in accounting terms, as such conditions vary from country to country. LIM approach is resolutely both conceptual and pragmatic: use limitation as a strength!

Call for LIM 2020 - 3 one-week residential workshops


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