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NFI:LAB in partnership with Propellor FilmTech Hub invites to an exclusive workshop on the Future of Film. Time is NOW to explore new business models for the production, distribution and experiencing of films!

Mandag 30. oktober
13:00 - 16:00
Sentralen - Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo

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Target group: Producers, Distributors, Cinema Executives, Financiers, Entrepreneurs, Innovators

"This is the time to proactively explore and create business models for the full audiovisual ecosystem – because otherwise they will be dictated to us. The next three to five years is the time to show that innovation is not exclusively the domain of massive technology companies."
Johanna Koljonen, Nostradamus Report 2017

This Proppelor workshop aims to enlighten the Norwegian filmmakers on the future of new business models for production and distribution. Propellor Film Tech Hub is a one-of-a-kind innovation platform for the development of new business models for the production, distribution and experiencing of films. It has an ambition to bring a tech “start-up” mentality to the film world and give the industry a “safe space” to experiment and develop new ways of approaching the business aspect of the film industry before bringing these ideas to market.


It is clear that demand for audiovisual storytelling is greater than ever. We can also assume that multinational media corporations will alway take care of themselves, reorganising as needed when revenue streams shift with the business models.
That makes this a dangerous moment especially for arthouse cinema, global national cinema and minority voices. Their paths to market are shifting too, and often in a reactive fashion.

If the Film industry does not innovate and adapt to the ever-changing media landscape -- the Tech industry will do it for us!

A collaborative session with the Norwegian Film Institute

  • introduction into the working methods of the Propellor FilmTech Hub, it’s brief history and it’s long term vision
  • insights into some of the business ideas developed during the pilot phase 2017
  • outlook on the Program 2018
  • debate with the audience about their needs and expectations in terms of new business models for production, distribution and experience of films

We encourage workshop participants to share their business ideas during the workshop and discuss them with their peers. Please get in touch with us in case you have any copyright concerns.

About the Propellor FilmTech Hub

  • transfer innovation strategies from the start-up & tech world to the film industry
  • build an innovative #FilmTech ecosystem in Berlin, Copenhagen and, Rotterdam
  • apply the latest developments in information technology (big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, bots ...) and new forms of social interaction ( co-creation, crowdsourcing, sharing economy ...) in the value chain of the film industry
  • foster the development of new entrepreneurial talents in the film industry
  • ignite the collaboration between film entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from other industries
  • enable the development of new innovative business models, products and services for production, distribution and experience of films